Local DC Politician Meals

For all of my foodies out there if you ever had been to B. Smith Restaurant of Union Station in Washington, DC then you will understand what I talking about the décor, waiter staff and food are simply magnificent.  I had a chance to eat this great food with my fellow ADA Diversity Leaders.  Since I had lived in Washington, DC for 9 years my favorite old stomping ground was Union Station so when I heard that B. Smith had a restaurant there I knew I had to eat there.  Here are some of the beautiful pictures of our wonderful meals and time there.  Enjoy and Bon Appétit!

For further pictures click here

I have another surprise for all of the foodies out there.  I had the chance to go to a wonderful Cuban American restaurant called Cuba Libre!  The food was excellent and the décor was fabulous!  The Chef out did himself with the generous of portion and the colorful array of exquisite food dishes.  Take a look and see what I am talking and salivating about!

Check out the pictures from Cuba Libre! Click here!


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