When Ms. Rogers Lobbies in Washington, DC

On the day of meeting which was Tuesday, February 8th, 2011 with our Congresspersons and Senators, we were not prepared for how cold the weather was going to be.  I was a balmy sunny day at a high in the 30’s and I really was not in the mood to walk all around the State Capitol and the Mall area.  But I had to remind myself that I have a job to do and that was to get votes and support for the ADA supported public policy agenda! I had the chance to do my week long presentation for Congressman David Scott of Georgia but unfortunately I did not have a chance to meet with him.  I was fortunate to meet with his Legislative Aide who so graciously gave my wonderful Georgia Gang ADA Public Policy Group a chance to speak about Congressman David Scott support for the Older Americans Act Reauthorization bill, The Healthier Lifestyles and Prevention America Act otherwise known as the HELP America Act S.174 and The Medical Foods Equity Act – “Reducing Health Disparities”.  Being here really gave me a chance to truly appreciate the legislative system that America has.  There is no other country out there were you as a citizen can meet with your officials and lobby for support in what you believe in.  So far we do have some support for what we have requested.  It is important for everyone to visit Washington, DC and learn about how a bill becomes a law, how the political process really works, what you should do when lobbying for your cause and how to tell them your story in order to get support for cause.  (Picture below is the famous White House).

I would like to thank the wonderful Georgia Dietetic Association Public Policy Group otherwise known as the Georgia Gang.  They are a wonderful group of ladies and made my public policy lobbying trip at the Hill superb! Here are some pictures below during my visit to the Hill!

For further pictures click here


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