The Chicago Local Eateries

Chicago is indeed known for their restaurants and delectable cuisines but I was not prepared to see and eat an unusually made pizza dish.  I knew that Chicago made the deep dish but I did not know that the pizza sauce was cooked on the top and the cheese was cooked inside the pizza crust.  I went to the famous Giordano’s restaurant where the individual personal deep dish plain cheese was so filling and made you full after eating the first slice.  I truly recommend anyone who loves pizza to checkout Giordano’s restaurant for a great lunchtime meal!

The Diversity Committee and Leaders had a chance to finally eat and socialize together.  The place for this meeting was P. F. Chang’s Chinese Bistro Restaurant.  Great Chinese food.

Do you know Chef Michael Samuelsson?  The winner of Celebrity chef and restaurant connoisseur!  Well the ultra chic modern hotel – Affinia that I stayed in has one of his restaurants inside called C- House restaurant.   I was able to stop by there with my lovely Diversity Leader friends for a wonderful evening meal.  The restaurant décor was very sleek and clean design.  The lights were dim a little low to allow us to have a candle light dinner with so grooving jazz in the background.  (I think I just reveal my age when I said grooving.  LOL).   One of the things that I like about this restaurant was the usual combination of dishes.

Check out below to see what I am talking about and my favorite dishes.


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