Sightseeing Time: Chicago Style

It was cold up there in Chicago but I did not let that slow me down from seeing the sights of this beautiful culturally diverse city.  I did not want to travel too far so I tried to look for places that were close to my hotel that I was staying which was Affinia.  It was a very ultra modern hotel which has been thru a major remodeling transformation.  Very centrally located in the downtown area on the Northwestern University campus.  Since I was next door to Lake Michigan I decided to check why this place was so popular.  I forgot how cold Chicago was until I pose in this picture beside the lake.  I was in shock at how people were leisurely strolling around the lake like is summertime!  But I must say it was a beautiful sight to see!  Since I was at the lake I decided to venture further out into the cold and walk to Navy Pier.  This is where the famous Ferris Wheel I use to see in pictures along the docks of Chicago.  I could not believe that the Ferris wheel was operating and that people were riding on it.  Thank goodness it was not windy today!

After seeing this I had to go inside a warm environment and luck that I did because this month the Navy Pier has their cultural floral show.   This was right on time since I was here as a Diversity Leader.  It was interesting in seeing what flowers are being used throughout the world.

Check out the pictures below on the beautiful floral arrangements and the sights of Chicago.


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