Visiting Falcon Training Camp

Part if the Fuel Up to Play 60 (FUTP 60) I had a chance to go to the Falcon Training Camp which was such a great treat since I am a Falcon Fan.  I am disappointed about the strike but I know that when it is over the Falcons will bounce back and win the 2012 Super Bowl.  I had a chance to meet Running Back Cory Ward who had an inspiring speech about his foundation help under privileged youth on having a physical exercise and healthy eating.  I was inspired that these young gentlemen   I was excited about winning the autograph foot ball of his name.

Flowery Branch is a beautiful football campus where at certain times out of the year it is open to the public. It is nestled hidden north of Atlanta in a small metropolitan community.  The grounds area neatly kept and the facilities have everything that the football players need.  There are very few NFL football facilities that have living quarters on the training campus.  Flowery Branch is one of those special facilities that have living quarters, onsite cafeteria and staff, outdoor and indoor training fields and a water fishing hole.

I felt honored to have been able to do the Falcon Training Camp Tour where we have a chance to check out the weight lifting room and the wonderful food that the Cafeteria staff gave us to eat.   Check out what I seen and thank goodness the  new season is here.  Falcon 2012 Super Bowl Champions!


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