Las Vegas – Hot Place to Visit

I had the chance to visit Las Vegas for the American Association of Diabetes Educators Conference.  This was my first time there and I happen to go during the hottest month which was August.  I stayed in doors during the day and sometimes came outside during the evening hours.  I could not believe that I was in a desert until I went outside.  I did have some fun at the Conference by visiting shows and sightseeing I had the chance to see Chris Angle’s production “Believe”.  Chris Angle is the best magician that I have ever seen in a long time.  I love that the stage was small and you get to feel very close and personal with him.   You gotta see his show to believe what you saw.  I also had the chance to see comedian George Wallace at the Flamingo Hotel.  Love his show because he is not vulgar and his comedy show makes sense.  He discuss about politics, world issues and local Las Vegas issues in a funny way.  If you ever stop by the Flamingo Hotel, make sure you see George!  When you go to Vegas you gotta walk the strip and take in all of the sites.  It is like you are traveling through Italy, Paris, Egypt all in one day.

For more information on diabetes check out the Living Healthy website:

Check out some of the sightseeing sites.


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