Holiday treats can fit into a healthy eating plan

Sweet treats, including cookies and cakes, are on many people’s minds and tables during the holidays. With increased focus on trans fats, the process of hydrogenation that makes liquid oils into solid fats, you may be wondering how you can enjoy these holiday goodies.

You can substitute traditional baking ingredients with healthier options to help lower trans fat intake.

  • Go easy on foods with “hydrogenated” or “partially hydrogenated oils”
  • Switch to oils or trans fat-free margarines
  • Add healthy ingredients to cake or cookie batters, like raisins or toasted nuts instead of chocolate chips
  • Choose products that are trans fat-free.

In addition to limiting trans fat intake, think about cutting back on total fat by using fruit purees or yogurt in place of butter or other spreads.

No matter what changes you make in your holiday recipes to help reduce total fat intake, change slowly and substitute one ingredient at a time.

For more information on healthy eating check out the Living Healthy website:


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