Celebrate the New Year with Healthful Food Options

Happy New Year

Say good-bye to 2011 and ring in the New Year-healthfully! Since New Year’s Eve parties often last for hours, serve food three to four hours apart from each other, making it easier for your guests to eat less.

For 2012, do yourself a favor and make your resolutions realistic. Resolve to do something you really can carry out.

Don’t resolve to completely give up certain foods that you enjoy or vow to achieve unrealistic levels of exercise. If you fall short of unreasonable goals, you’ll feel like you’ve failed when that’s not actually the case.

Resolve to develop an eating and exercise plan that you can follow. Assess your eating habits, including what and how much you eat.

Then, make a plan that involves one small change per week: Switch from whole milk to 2 percent or add one serving of fruit or vegetables to your diet each day, gradually working up to at least five a day.

For your New Year’s party create some fireworks with new dips and desserts for your guests at tonight’s celebration.

  • Try fat-free yogurt mixed with salsa and spinach served with low-fat crackers
  • Mix salsa with black beans, baby white corn and cilantro with baked tortilla chips
  • Serve hummus on flatbread or vegetable sticks.

To satisfy a sweet tooth, try.

  •  Fruit kabobs with powdered sugar
  •  Fruit with fat-free yogurt served in parfait glasses
  •  Cocoa in place of chocolate for less fat and calories.

Plan and make achievable changes in your eating plan and levels of physical activity, and you’ll have a much better chance of keeping your resolutions.

Happy New Year!

For more information on healthy eating check out the Living Healthy website: www.livinghealthy1.org


2 responses to “Celebrate the New Year with Healthful Food Options

  1. Tried to become a member. For some reason would not let Me put my info in Sooo letting u know I Like your mission statement and site looks very interesting

    • Thank you so much for coming to my blog. Is this the membership for the website that you are having problems with? I am trying to get this fix so when it is up and running I can email it to you. Thank you again for your wonderful comments.

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