A New Year for Living Healthy!

This is the year where we are making changes and starting New Year’s Resolution.  (Also keeping them!)  Living Healthy which is an affiliate of HEPSA (National Health and Public Safety Association) is offering alot of new services and products.  Living Healthy is providing products from Beyond Organics which is a organic food and beverage company.  Beyond Organics had grass fed beef products, botanical infused water and raw cheese.    Also Living Healthy has nutritional supplements from Youngevity, exercise equipment and health products.   Please check out the www.livinghealthy1.org website.

Living Healthy has starting a new business which is a holistic cultural diversity program called Unity 1 Project.  You are probably asking what is Unity 1 Project?  Unity 1 Project is:

Unity – United with a Positive Outlook and Way of Thinking.

One – See Each Person as a Individual

Project – An On-going Goal Program for Social Acceptance and to Change the Cultural Norm

Unity 1 Project is a cultural diversity program that gives persons a chance to express themselves in a holistic viewpoint of who they are and give them the confidence that they need. Come and click to our Facebook page and Twitter.  Click like us and tell us about what you are doing celebrating cultural and diversity in your community!  Also check out the website:  www.unity1project.org for more information!  Thanks and Live Healthy today!


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