San Deigo – Chinese Historical Museum

Since this is the start of the Chinese New Year, I want to let everyone know that I had the privilege in going to the San Diego – Chinese Historical Museum and learned so much about the Chinese San Diego Community. ” In 1986, the San Diego Chinese Historical Society formed in order to preserve and share Chinese and Chinese American history and culture. Ten years later, it founded a museum, which has outgrown its original building, welcomed over 800 current members, launched successful education and community outreach programs and become a landmark in the downtown community. ” – San Diego – Chinese Historical Museum

The Museum’s current showcase exhibit displays old Chinatown, Chinese Medicine and everyday life in China.  An impressive statue of the First Emperor – Qin Shi Huangdi by renowned artists Guo Xuanchang and Cheng Yunxian guards the front door.  Inside the building is a large gallery is the Chinese general store from the early 1900’s, the lecture hall/main gallery, relics of a bridal carriage, ancient Chinese currency and a Warlord’s alcove bed which provide a glimpse into Chinese history.  The are also displays of hand laundry equipment and Chinese Medicine.  I have truly learned more about the cultural of the Chinese Community in San Diego.

For more information on cultural diversity, check out the Living Healthy website: and check out some more pictures by clicking: San Diego – Chinese Historical Museum


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