The Chuang Garden

While I was in San Diego for the Academy of Dietetics Food and Nutrition Conference Expo, I had time to go on a cultural excursion.  I decided to stop by the The Chuang Garden which is part of the San Diego Chinese Historical Museum.  As you can see above this garden was truly beautiful and tranquil.  This gave me time to relax and learn about the importance of this gorgeous garden.

This exquisite Asian style garden was designed by Dr. Alexander Chuang and Joseph Yamada.  When you enter the garden through a magnificent gate memorializing Dr. Sun Yat-sen.   Dr. Sun Yat Sen (1866 – 1925) is known as the Father of Modern China, a Chinese revoluntary and president of Republic of China.

While I was in the garden I then strolled past a waterfall along a quite stream culminating in a koi pond.  A stone path with a wooden bridge dedicated to the late US Ambassador Everett Drumright (of Taiwan) leads to a courtyard adorned by a statue of Confucius and replicas of a terra cotta warrior and horse.  This garden presents a tranquil oasis in the heart of the city that provides a beautiful setting for a small gathering or meditation.  So the next time you need a time to relax come to The Chuang Garden.

For more information on cultural diversity, check out the Living Healthy website: and check out some more pictures by clicking:  The Chuang Garden


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