Be a Hero

Since March is National Nutritional Month the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has a new magazine called Food and Nutrition.  In one of the articles that was highlighted called “Meet Our Heroes”.  It is important to become a hero to your community no matter how large or small your contribution is.  Try to think of things that you love to do that will help your community such as having dancing lessons at an Assistance Living Home for the residents or Afterschool activities for the nearby middle school in your area.  Whatever you do you can make such an impact to anyone and they will in turn change your life also.

I had the privileged of working with a local elementary school to assist with a school area garden.  What a incredible experience it was to teach and learn from the students and staff at the school.  If you have an idea of what you can contribute to your community or make a difference with the world, make a decision right now to go forth and do it!  Why not become a hero today!

Check out the article by clicking “Meet Our Heroes“.


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