Rd 411 and GPB’s Pledge Drive

On this Tuesday, March 20th, 2012 is a chance for everyone across the country to have a chance to speak with a Registered Dietitian live on Georgia Public Broadcast! The event is called “Dial A Dietitian” on March 20th, 6-9PM. The number to call in is toll free number – 1-855-Diet411.  There are going to be Registered Dietitian’s that specialized in the areas of diabetes, sports, community health, family meal planning, cardiovascular risk reduction, cancer management, renal specialists and many more.  Anyone across the country can call in and the first 50 callers will be able to download the document “The Top 10 Secrets to Revitalize Your Health in 2012!” written by the Georgia Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics National Nutritional Month Committee.  So call this Tuesday for RD 411 “Dial A Dietitian” 1-855-Diet411.

In order for the Georgia Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (GAND) to do this on Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) station we had to participate in a pledge drive.  Early last week I was able to volunteer on the GPB’s phone system and boy it was exciting and fun.  The GAND Registered Dietitian had a chance to fundraising for GPB Pledge month and for Diet 411 broadcast.  This event that we had special guests stars that came to help.  Dr. Joel Fuhrman from the live television presentation “3 Steps to Incredible Health”.  Great informative steps on how to take charge of your health!  Cindy Wilson for the sensational music group B52.  She was there to promote the B52 live concert called the ” The Wild Crowd – Live in Athens, Georgia”.    What a great concert it was!  So next time try to volunteer the phone system for the Public Broadcasting Television Stations.  You will have fun, be on TV and do fundraising for a great cause.  Check out the pictures for the GPB’S Pledge Drive evening click here.


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