Sightseeing in the Bahamas

It is definitely better in the Bahamas!  I had a chance to do a cruise to the Nassau Bahamas during the winter season and boy I really did yearn for the warm weather.  The beauty of the deep blue water and warm winds made me not want to leave.  My family took a tour of the island where we had stop to visit a Fort Fincastle. This fort was built in 1793 by Lord Dunmore, the governor of the island at the time, this 38.5 m (126 ft) tall fort was constructed to offer protection over the island. It is shaped like an old steamer and was known for it’s large array of different sized cannons. It is used as a signal station nowadays.

We also had a chance to see the Queen’s Staircase.  Here is some historical background about the Queen’s Staircase from Wikipedia.

Nassau’s most visited attraction is the Queen’s Staircase. Climb the 65 steps, recently renovated, carved out of solid limestones by slaves in the late 18th century, between 1793 and 1794. It is reported that slaves were forced to cut through rocks with axes and other sharp hand tools.  This 102 foot staircase was named in honor of the 65 years of Queen’s Victoria’s reign. Construction of this monument is still regarded as remarkable. For practical purposes, the staircase provides a shorter route to and form Bennet’s Hill.

Made sure before we left the Nassau that I had a chance to eat Conch fritters at local restaurant called Conch Fritters and boy they were excellent!!  If you have never taste Conch Fritters then you are missing a delicious seafood!! What are Conch Fritters?  It is the meat that is inside of a large to medium size snail shell.  Conch Fritters are so popular in the Bahamas that every October/November each year is the Annual Conch Festival . Local restaurateurs compete for the best and original conch dishes, and are judged by international chefs. Free sampling of the dishes follows, and there are other competitions, events and music well into the evening, making this a very popular event for Islanders and tourists.  Too bad we miss this!

Boy I had a great time at Nassau, Bahamas and would love to go back soon.  It is important to learn more about the history of your surrounds everywhere you go.  You will be surprise of what you will find.  To learn more about culture and diversity by clicking Unity 1 Project on the Living Healthy website. Also check our Pinterest site for pictures of the Nassau, Bahamas.   Make sure you become a friend on the Unity 1 Project – Facebook and Twitter pages to receive Fun Fact Tips on different cultures.


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