The F.A.C.E. Diabetes Program

Fearless African-American Connected and Empowered – F.A.C.E. Diabetes Eli Lilly Program is coming to a town near you!  What is the F.A.C.E. Diabetes Program?   It is a grassroots movement to empower the people we care about most—family, friends and the larger community.  It was developed by Lilly USA, LLC and the goal of the F.A.C.E. Diabetes initiative is to help African Americans living with type 2 diabetes take positive steps forward.  Here is a quote from the F.A.C.E. Diabetes Program:

It’s about awareness.  It’s about living healthier.  It’s about taking control of our lives and saying: “I can manage my condition better.”

I had a chance to assist the F.A.C.E Diabetes Program and to meet with the paid spokesperson the famous actor Anthony Anderson.  He was extremely funny and had a heartfelt and warm story.  Click here to read Anthony Anderson Story.

I truly enjoyed myself with the F.A.C.E. Diabetes Program especially having the chance to educate the community about diabetes and nutrition.  At the different Convention Center events the F.A.C.E. Diabetes Program has a grocery tour section where customers can come in a learn how to read food labels, to learn about carbohydrate counting and speak to a Registered Dietitian.  Also there is an area where you can speak with a Registered Nurse about diabetes and proper foot care.           There is so much information that you can learn about the proper treatment of diabetes when you come to a F.A.C.E. Diabetes Program event.  Make sure you check out the F.A.C.E Diabetes Program website today.  Check out the Living Healthy – Diabetes, Nutritional & Exercise Consultation Sessions on the Living Healthy Website:

F.A.C.E. Diabetes


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