Snacks and Healthy Eating for Children

Does your child ask for food two hours after a meal?

Children can’t eat a lot of food at one time due to their tiny stomachs, but they still need enough calories. Healthful snacking is a way to get the calories they need, so plan snacks that provide a variety of nutrients. Try:

  • Dry cereal mixed with dried fruit
  • Animal crackers and a glass of milk
  • Cottage cheese and fruit
  • String cheese and crackers
  • Peanut butter on apple slices, crackers or bread
  • Tortillas rolled around sliced turkey or beans.
  • Raw vegetables with low-fat dip
  • Fresh fruit
  • Homemade popsicles made from 100-percent fruit juice
  • Italian ice
  • Pudding made with low-fat milk.

Make snacks fun. Space them far enough away from meals so kids’ appetites aren’t spoiled and pack snacks with plenty of nutrition. Instead of grazing all day, encourage your kids to stay on a meal schedule. As with other food choices, snack with variety, balance and moderation in mind. Smart snacking can make between — meal eating a valuable part of a healthful eating style for the whole family.  So try these healthy snack ideas with your children today!


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