Beauty of the Campus at University of Georgia

Who knew that the University of Georgia (UGA) has so much history!  Go Bulldogs!  I had the opportunity to visit UGA for the Annual Conference Expo Conference from the Georgia Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.  Athens, Georgia is in Clarke County which is about 60 miles northeast of downtown Atlanta.  In January 27, 1785, by the Georgia General Assembly the University of Georgia was the first state-chartered university in America.  I had a chance to walk on the grounds of UGA and look at the historical buildings  around the campus.  The temperatures during this  March were running in the hot 80’s.  When you look around the area of UGA you will see different kinds GA mascot bulldog statutes everywhere.  UGA pride is definitely shown here!

I also had a chance to eat at the New Orleans style restaurant – NONA (New Orleans N’ Athens).  This fine dinning restaurant is located across from the University Of Georgia’s historic North Campus.  The food was great and love that Creole Cajun cooking.  When you enter the restaurant there is a warm and welcoming old style bar and while you sit in an atmosphere of NONA you are able to capture feel of Jazz and Mardi Gras. The dish that I ate was fresh fish blackened trout served with creamed spinach and red beans and rice.  It was so delicious that I wanted more.  (Of course I did refrained myself from eating another dinner meal.)  If you want good flavorful food and a great time come to NONA restaurant!

I loved the quaint historical buildings and homes in Athens, Georgia that I would definitely love to come back and stay alot longer time.  For all of my fellow Atlanta people, come and stop by Athens, Georgia which is only less than 45 minutes away for southern hospitality and country living.

Check out the pictures of NONA Restaurant and UGA on Pinterest


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