Roof Top Garden – Master Gardeners

Have you ever seen a roof top garden?  This was my first time and now I truly believe that you can grow anything anywhere.  The Douglas County Master Gardeners program is responsible for this interesting Roof Top Garden.  This Roof Top Garden is located at Sweetwater Creek State Park in Douglas County Georgia.  The Roof Top Garden is on top of the Sweetwater Creek State Park Visitors’ Center and Museum at the park which also has a solar power roof.  It was completed in the spring of 2006, this 8,700-square-foot Visitor’s Center and Museum achieved and received the LEED Platinum certification. In the LEED-NC® (New Construction) category, the Sweetwater Creek Visitor Center is only the 20th building in the world, and the first in the southeastern United States, to be awarded the Council’s highest distinction.  This is truly an honor to received this!  The Center and Museum quoted:  “carefully integrated into the hillside of the project site to allow access to the green roof and roof top garden.”   The site includes numerous visitor education elements including a demonstration garden, descriptions of underground rainwater cisterns, electric car charging stations and accessible green roof,” (

The owner of the Sweetwater Creek State Park – Visitors’ Center and Museum, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, “wanted the building to help achieve their mission of protecting and preserving natural resources. Indeed, the visitor center, which opened to the public in 2006, serves as a full-scale demonstration model for designing, constructing, and operating a green building. Thirty-eight percent of the building’s total roof area, or 4000 square feet (370 square meters), is used for rainwater collection,” (ArchitectureWeek, 2007).

The outdoor plaza of the Visitors’ Center and Museum overlooks the beautiful living roof, planted with a combination of native and non-native flowering perennials, grasses and ground covers. The Visitors’ Center and Museum also involved in converting waste to food.  The nitrogen rich liquid from the compost bins is being used with diluted greywater before being fed to a demonstration roof top garden by using drip irrigation lines at the root level of the plants.

This building is environmentally safe and a great educational garden tool on how we all go green.  Check out our Green Living Classes below:

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Also check out for more pictures of the Roof Top Garden.


2 responses to “Roof Top Garden – Master Gardeners

  1. Very cool! Would love to see more of these in urban areas.

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