Alive Expo

Have you ever wanted to come to a health expo that is based on only Alternative Complementary Medicine products and services?  Want to find out what holistic products are safe to use and what organic food products are in your neighborhood?  Then you should come to the Alive! Expo.

Once a year the Alive! Expo come to different cities around the country promoting holistic healthy living for the whole family.    You would learn how to integrate health and wellness into environmentally responsible, green living and to create a positive impact on the world as a whole.  At the Expo you would have a chance to experience all the newest and best natural, organic, green and eco products for your home and family, even the pets!

Some of the types of products and services that were shown recyclable products, hybrid & electric cars, eco fashion and accessories, natural & eco pet products, naturopathic & alternative practitioners, chiropractors, vitamins and supplements, as well as health food retailers and community non-profit organizations and much, much more!!!

I truly enjoyed listening to the speakers who are from a wide range of career positions in the Alternative Medicine field.  It was great to hear about interesting view points on different subjects in the area of a Complementary Alternative  Medicine.  The Healthy Cooking Demonstrations range for raw foods, Farm to Table foods, natural, organic and sustainable dishes.  International natural health speaker Jordan Rubin who is known as America’s Biblical Health Coach and New York Times best selling author of “The Maker’s Diet,” .was the keynote speaker at the Alive Expo.  Dr. Rubin is president of the new Beyond Organics integrated organic food and beverage company products.  Click here to see further information on the Beyond Organics.

ECO-ATHLETE and starting fullback for the Atlanta Falcons – Ovie Mughelli was also guest speaker who talk about his Ovie Mughelli Foundation (OMF) which is to combat the lack of awareness among children about how their environment effects them.  Mr. Mughelli’s foundation gives fun things that kids can relate to — like football — with educational programs and practical information about going green.

So the next time you see that the Alive Expo is in your town, spend a day to learn  about green living, sample nutritional products and listen to healthy alternative information that may improve your life in a positive way.

Want to see some pictures of the Alive Expo?  Click here for Pinterest Photos.

Want to learn more about Herbalism and Green Living.  Click here!


8 responses to “Alive Expo

  1. Like to here more

  2. Am interested on this program

  3. 8/14/12

    Hi Denine,

    See you are doing well! Beautiful picture on your e-mail.  I am so happy to see you into alternative, holistic.  I wish more dietitians would see the benefit!

    Hope to visit you in Georgia one day!  I am in my hometown, Navasota, Texas, doing organic gardening and holistic nutrition.

    God bless and keep up the good work!


    • Hi Doris;

      Always glad to hear from you. Almost finish with my nutritional consultant certificate for alternative medicine and loving every bit of it! Thank you so much for your wonderful comments. I am too doing organic gardening but due to the very hot weather not doing too with it this year. Only tomatoes been doing very well! Let me know when you are coming to the ATL! Love to finally meet up with you! Thank you all always and continue to be blessed!!

      Denine Rogers

  4. Good to know. I’ll have to check it out and see if there is an Alive expo near us anytime soon. I echo Doris’ comment & love seeing dietitians practice with a holistic approach to nutrition & wellness.

    • Thanks Stephanie for you nice comments! It think the best place to check this out is liking them at their Facebook or Twitter account. So far they are having a Festival this October in Duluth, Georgia which is about 45 minutes from Atlanta. I hope Alive Expo will travel across the country next year.

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