Hydragena Festival

This is yet was another year for the where it is the best place to showcase different kind of beautiful Hydrangeas from all over the world.  This year’s theme is “The Royals” Majestic Hydrangeas series which have three cultivars – “Queen of Pearls”, “Princess Lace” and “Midnight Duchess”.  I had the chance this year to be a part of the Garden Tour where I was able to be a Master Gardener Tour Guide for one of the host home garden.  Check out the pictures of the garden that I hosted in Pinterest .

This year the Festival had a very special guest at the flower show presentation.  This celebrity guest speaker was the Coach Vince Dooley who spread motivation, inspiration and humor through his incredible presentation.  The Coach Vince Dooley was the head football coach (seasons 1964 through 1988) and athletic director (1979 to 2004) at the University of Georgia.  During his 25 year coaching career at UGA, Dooley compiled a 201–77–10 record. His teams won six Southeastern Conference titles and the 1980 national championship.

At the Hydrangea Festival there were two complimentary gardens  that features a Butterfly Garden and the Master Gardener Nature Trail .   The Butterfly Garden was sponsored by the Cultural Arts Center of Douglasville were you can have a chance to see Outdoor Living.  Also at the Cultural Art Center there where several Display Gardens that were beautifully designed and executed by different designers.  Check out the Pictures of the Butterfly Garden and Display Gardens in Pinterest.  The Master Gardener Nature Trail was transformed into the children’s dream were the child can imagine themselves playing in the wilderness featuring trails with bridges and many native plants.

The Festival Market was celebrated this year at the Hydrangea Festival and the local artisans did presented their treasure works for sale.  There were handmade Jewelry, painting, pottery, sculptures, ornamental iron works, glass work, artist demonstrations, antiques and more.    There were also light refreshments for sale at the Market such as New Orleans Cuisine, Irish food, Italian food and American Cuisine.  Check out the Pictures of the Festival Market in Pinterest

Every time I see a Hydrangea, I see such beauty in such a wonderful distinguish flower.  So if you want to have your landscape pop then plant a hydrangea and see your garden come to life!

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  1. I LOVE hydrangeas. Sounds like fun

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