Get an Active Life Now!

The Fall season is coming and the weather is starting to get cooler.  This is a great time to start an daily active lifestyle plan of physical activity.  Alot of times we start out doing a physical activity plan in January as a New Years resolution but starting in the Fall shows true commitment in achieving a goal.  Each week make a effort to try to increase your physical activity by using some of these suggestions below.  Here’s how you can to start:

If you are inactive try to increase your daily activities by:

  1. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator.
  2. Hiding the TV remote control.
  3. Making extra trips around the house or yard
  4. Walking whenever you can.
  5. Cut down on watching the television, computer and video games.

If you are sporadic with exercise then start becoming consistent  by increasing your activity:

  1. Finding exercise activities you enjoy.
  2. Planning exercise activities in your day.
  3. Setting realistic goals.

If you are consistent with your physical activity then:

  1. Changing your routine if you start to get bored
  2. Exploring new physical fitness activities

There are alot of ways that you can do to stay active.  Here are some exercises that you can do in a daily and weekly basis.

  • Two to three times per week try do leisure activities such as golfing, bowling, softball or yard work and flexibility/stretching exercises such as stretching/yoga, push-ups, curl-ups and weight lifting.
  •  Three to five times per week include aerobic exercises for 20 or more minutes.  Some aerobic exercises are brisk walking, bicycling jogging and swimming.  Other exercises that can be included for three to five times per week are recreational exercises for 30 or more minutes.  Some recreational exercises are soccer, basketball, martial arts, hiking, tennis and dancing.

What can you do on a daily basis as part of your physical activity plan?  Start walking the dog, working in the garden, park your car farther away and take longer routes to where ever you go.

Exercise should not be a chore but it should be fun and exciting!  Be creative by finding a variety of ways to stay active.  Have your family, friends and co-workers to get involved with exercise.  Good luck and enjoy!


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