The Beaches and Marinas of Florida

Since the BP oil spill that had happened almost two years ago in the gulf coast line, everyone was wondering how can Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida beaches can come back?  I was wondering about this also especially for the marina and beach coast line environmental life.  What I did saw was a increase of crowds of people hanging out at the beaches and marinas in Florida and even seeing people swimming in the water.  No sights of black tar balls or black oil slick.  It was beautiful to see the sun shinning the blue waters and the cool breeze off the gulf coast line.

It is great to get into the Floridan lifestyle which is very lay back and very much into the seafood cuisine.  I never knew that you can eat fried gator and frogs legs until I visited Florida.  There is truly alot of cultural and history in this place called the pan handle.

I had a chance to visits the Fred H. Howard Park in Tarpon Spring, Florida and John’s Pass Boardwalk Marina near St. Petersburg, Florida.  Fred H. Howard Park is truly a beautiful with its white sandy beach and one-mile scenic causeway.  On this day we did not have a chance to see any manatees nor dolphins but we did see some people fishing, sunbathing and swimming.  I can understand why people at the park takes seat and watch the sunset.  This beach is a great place to do mediation and Tia Chi.

The John’s Pass Boardwalk Marina was a fun and busy place.  I had a chance to see the Hooter’s World Largest Wing and walk on the boardwalk to the marina stores.  There were boats that will take you out to the gulf to go deep sea fishing and dolphin watching.  The seafood was delicious but be careful of those seagulls because they will fight you for that food.

I am so glad that the Gulf coast is starting to come back and I was also glad to help out in being a tourist to patron the shops and stores in the area.  If you want to have a last vacation before the leaves start to turn, come on down to anyone of the states that are a part of the gulf coast line and your gulf coast neighbors will be very happy to see you!  Check out the pinterest for pictures.


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