HEPSA Living Healthy Newsletter – Fall Edition

Finally HEPSA Living Healthy has published a newsletter for the Fall Edition!  This is a very special issue because we a focusing on Mindless Eating.  This subject have been in the media alot especially on the topic of obesity.  This free newsletter is full of wonderful information on health and wellness.

Some of the articles, products, classes and sevices that are a part of this issue are:

  1. The Powerful Effectiveness of Yoga to help alleviate the chronic pain, psychological functioning and mindfulness with Fibromyalgia.
  2. The importance of Vitamin E which  is the second most widely taken vitamin supplement in America today.  Why is it so popular?
  3. October is the time for Pumpkins so why not try to make a warm Pumpkin Bread.
  4. Would you like to have a nutritional or fitness consultation? Check out the newsletter to see about more of HEPSA Living Healthy Consulting services.
  5. Want to further your education and need continuing education credits?  Do not have any time to go to class but want a distance learning education?  HEPSA Living Healthy Newsletter will show what classes are available.
  6. View Beyond Organics and Youngevity highlighted products .

Now are you excited to read this Fall Newsletter, then click here for the HEPSA Living Healthy Newsletter.  Please post your comments about the newsletter in this blog.  Thanks and enjoy!


2 responses to “HEPSA Living Healthy Newsletter – Fall Edition

  1. looking forward to making the pumpkin bread. The Healthy Joke was really cute!!

    • Thanks Dori! My favorite and only sister! LOL! Glad that you enjoyed the newsletter! If you have a funny joke let me know and I can publish this for the next newsletter. Please pass this blog site and the newsletter to all of your friends, co-workers and other family members! Love Yall!

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