Florida Botanical Gardens – Part 1

Since the weather is getting colder this week blog posting will give you a warm  vision of Florida.  I had the chance to visit the Pinellas County – Florida Botanical Gardens which is a free educating environmental friendly gardens. These wonderful gardens are run by Pinellas County Extension – Master Gardener which has over 30 acres of cultivated gardens and 90 acres of natural areas.  I truly loved this place and learned so much about Florida’s gardens,  wildlife and habitats.   The Florida Botanical Gardens ideas birth began in 1991. Starting in 1999,  the Florida Botanical Gardens build the gardens and it was  completed in early 2001.

The first place I visited was the Wetland Habitat where I had a chance to observed how the plants, trees and animals become at home in a man made retention pond.  The Wetland Habitat has over 150 types of bird, mammals, and reptiles that have been documented on site. Several endangered or threatened species including Bald Eagles, Gopher tortoises and Sherman Fox squirrels make their home there.  I had a chance to see a pelican looking for their first meal and alligator sunbathing in the hot sun.

There are beautiful flowers that are indigenous to the Wetlands Habitats that were planted and bloomed around the pound.  Some of the flowers and plants were the gorgeous bird of paradise, lilies, wild coffee and the blanket flower.

The Florida Botanical Gardens office has volunteer Master Gardeners to assist with the staff to keep the grounds looking beautiful.  There is indoor waterfall, water loving plants in hanging pots, drought resistant and weird looking plants coming out from the building.

Another place on the grounds was the Wedding Garden where there is a rose garden that showed a varied kind of roses. There were different types and shapes of topiary, beautiful Hibiscus flowers and unusually shape pines.  The site is perfect for a wedding with the brick pathway and open spaces.

Next week blog post is the Herb and Vegetable Garden and check out my Florida Botanical Gardens pictures in the gardening section on Pinterest.  Click here!


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