Florida Botanical Gardens – Part 2

What a wonderful time I had at the Florida Botanical Garden especially the Herb and Vegetable Garden. There at the garden you have a chance to scents the plants, observe the colors and read about the fascinating stories of the long history of human’s relationship with medicinal, culinary and ceremonial plants.  The Herb Garden gives you a chance to have a sensual experience where you can use your senses of smell, feel or rub the leaves without damaging the plants.

I had the chance to see herb and vegetables from around the world.  Some of the culinary herbs and vegetables were scarlet sage, mexican marigold, west indian bay-rum tree, okanawan spinach, orange jasmine, arabian coffee, the stevia plant (sugar-free sweetener) and peppermint.

Alot of people do not know that coffee grown commerically originated in Africa and is the largest legal agricultural export of developing countries.  Arabain coffee (Coffea Arabica) is a native plant to the forested mountain  slopes of tropical Ethopia and is the best species for flavor and quality.  Chocolate or Cocoa tree (Theobroma Cocao) is native to the upper Amazon River basin.  The Chocolate is made from the seeds of a thick skinned yellow to red fruit pods.  Chocolate is an Aztec royal beverage that was found too be very bitter for European tastes but with some sugar added can make this delectable treat very sweet.  Tea (Camellia Sinensis) possibly originated in Tibet and is the world’s most consumed beverage next to water.  The Chinese have grown tea for almost 3,000 years.  Yerba Mate (llex Paraguariensis) produce an ancient drink from South America and still used worldwide today.  It is used as an excellent rejuvenator and body energizer.  Also in the Herb and Vegetable garden there were edible flowers section and some of the edible flowers are medicinal.

It truly had a wonderful time in this part of the Florida Botanical Garden.  I learned so much in going to through this garden that I took some pictures of these beautiful grounds. Want to see pictures of the Herb and Vegetable garden click here . Next week is the last posting on Florida Botanical Gardens.  We will focus on the Tropical and Butterfly Garden.  Can’t wait for this!


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