Junior Master Gardeners Program

Living here in Georgia the growing season is a whole alot longer but it can get pretty cold during the December through February months.   Being part of the Junior Master Gardeners Program, we were able to plant  – lettuce, cabbage, etc. for the winter time.  But how can we keep these plants warm for the cold winter?  We were able to make mini hoop houses for each raised beds.  But how can you make one?

It is very easy to make a mini hoop house garden.  First you get some one-inch PVC plumbing pipe then we simply sticking one end of a six-foot length of pipe into the soil at one side of the bed and bending it over, sticking it into the soil at the opposite side. Then put a pipe approximately every foot across the length of the garden bed. This will hold up your plastic and make sure you use  a nice, heavy gauge plastic drop cloth.  You will need to keep every plant watered .  After you have your pipe framework in place, drape your plastic drop cloth over it. The best way to secure the plastic is to weigh it down with heavy stones or bricks on each side.  The hoop house will keep excessive rain off the plants, blocks the wind, raises daytime temperatures 5-10 degrees and it keeps frosts and heavy dew off the leaves.

During hot days, feel free to uncover your garden to let plants soak in some extra rays. Make sure you button everything up before night since a warm day usually means a cold night in the winter.

If you live in the Atlanta, Georgia area and would like to learn more about the school/community nutrition gardening program click to our website Living Healthy

If you like to see a video on this check out on the Living Healthy Show site on how our First Lady is doing a hoop house for her plants at the White House Garden.  Click here.

Also see the picture of the Junior Master Gardeners new Christmas Tree below:



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