Museum of Fine Arts in Saint Petersburg, Florida


Back to Saint Petersburg, Florida again and this time I had chance to visit two museum  which are  the Museum of Fine Arts and the Dali Museum.  The Museum of Fine Arts has a variety of exhibits that filled with culture and diversity.  One of the exhibits in the Museum of Fine Arts is the Arts of Asia where the objects that displayed range of dates from the 2nd and 3rd century to the early 20th century.  The exhibit shows the religious ceremonies, solemn burials, scholarly pastimes, and even high fashion, today these works of art offer a glimpse of history and the living cultures of Asia.  Another exhibit is the Tour of Africa where you have a chance to see ceremonial masks and figures.  There  was a gorgeous crystal exhibit and the Pre-Columbian artwork such as the first ceramic production in the Americas that occurred around 3200 B.C.   There was also a tribute to famous American painters such as Edward Mitchell Bannister – (the most prestigious African American artists of the 19th century), Georgia O’keefee  – (the most famous women artists) and Romare Bearden –  (the most important 20th century artist).  At the Dali Museum there is a tribute art exhibit for Salvador Dali such as – the Rainy Rolls sculpture, award winning paintings and weird looking statues. Check out all of the pictures these exhibits in Pinterest  So the next time you are in Saint Petersburg check out the Museum of Fine Arts – and the Dali Museum –



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