Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day! – Part 2

Hands on a globe

This week is the last week for National Nutrition Month and today we are going to focus on Food Taboos from the book – Multicultural Manners – “New Rules to Etiquette for a Changing Society” by Norine Dresser.

Food Taboos

While some people know that eating pork is taboo for religious purpose of Jews and Moslems but few are aware of the condemnation against shellfish and fish without scales or fins to the Jewish and Muslim communities. It is important to learn what foods are taboo to any religious and culturally diverse groups.  Even if someone accidentally eats a taboo food, the repercussions are potent.

Many religions and ethnic groups have special dietary laws that outlaw the eating of foods on certain days.  Such as:

  • The Roman Catholic Church prohibits eating meat on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday
  • In the Jewish faith – no leavened breads and no use of leavening agents during the eight days of the festival of Passover. Also according to Orthodox rules, there must be a six-hour space between eating meat and dairy products.
  • Hindus don’t eat beef and Seventh Day Adventists don’t eat meat.
  • Navajos don’t eat fish and some Puerto Ricans will not eat pineapple in combination with other foods
  • Muslims, Hindus, Mormons and some Protestant sects do not drink alcoholic beverages.

There are many common food and drink taboos but it is important to respect each others cultural beliefs  and customs.  Everyone eat right in their own way every day.  So celebrate this final week of National Nutrition Month in your own healthy eating way every day!


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