National Women In Ag. Association (“NWIAA”) in Greater Carroll County, Georgia

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As secretary for the Greater Carroll County, Georgia in the National Women in Agriculture Association, I had the pleasure of working a fantastic group of women on our first Outreach Meeting.   The National Women in Agriculture Association (NWIAA) is a empowering non-profit organization for socially disadvantaged women in rural and urban America in order for them to gain available local and federal resources.  Their purpose is to educate, develop and provide networking opportunities so that bonds of sisterhood may be created among all women.

The Greater Carroll Country, Georgia Chapter had its first Outreach Meeting at the Agricultural Center – Carroll County Cooperative Extensive Service.  The first speaker was Bill Hodge who had 26 years of Cooperative Extensive Service in Carroll County who discussed about the History and Present Time of Carroll County, Georgia Agriculture.  Carroll County had the first county agent in the United States and the 2nd highest number of small operating farm in the State of  Georgia.  The average size farm is 79 acres and the average age of age the farmer is 57.  After the presentation, Mr. Hodges then did a egg demonstration to show which eggs are farm fresh and which ones are not.  The darker yolk eggs are the true farm raised while the lighter color ones are not.  You should not go based on the shell’s color.


Then Dr. Jerome Brown from Gwinnett County – USDA – Black Emphasis Program discuss about the history of NRCS and explained about the demographics of the Georgia.  Women in agriculture is increasing based on the 2007 census and 16% of the Georgia operators are females.   There is a Multicultural Sustainable Agriculture and Leadership Conference which is a outreach program workshops on agriculture every  year.  Dr. Brown discuss about the high tunnel initiative that is used mainly for the soil usage.  This initiative has implemented over 4,000 nationwide and the crops have to be grown in the ground.  The program is not competing with the green house industry and its purpose is to conserve water  consumption and soil erosion.  Dr. Brown explained that USDA has funds available on historically under served groups who are 10 years of less in business.  For further information about this program check here.

The National Women In Ag. Association (“NWIAA”) in Greater Carroll County, Georgia program was truly excellent and I had learned so much about agriculture.  Next time I will be visiting Jackson, Mississippi for the Annual National Conference  for NWIAA and I will definitely let everyone know what happens then!  Check  out the pictures of the NWIAA Greater Carroll County, Georgia Program.  Click Here.

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3 responses to “National Women In Ag. Association (“NWIAA”) in Greater Carroll County, Georgia

  1. Hi Denine,

    We are in the process to obtain a Hoop House on our farm shortly.  We are working with NRCS.

    Good to hear about the egg yolk color, keep em coming!

    Doris Sauls

  2. Wow. I did not know that the eggs should be examined carefully based on their egg yolk color. I always got the lighter egg yolks whenever I cook so that means the eggs that I am getting is not true farm raised. I hope that there will be more new programs in the future.

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