Buick Discovery – Food and Wine Tour


The Buick Discovery – Food and Wine Tour came to Buckhead at the St. Regis Hotel and boy it was day filled of fun and food!!  The place was pack with a showcase of 3 top chefs in their field, a incredible sommelier expert and celebrity chef Michael Psilakis. What a great program!  

I spend this wonderful day with my hubby and we were able to taste  the wonderful spread of food prior to the tour.  Variety of cheeses, crackers and meats were available to eat.   There was a Kitchen Aid section where they demonstrated their new aged blender and mixer.  IMG_2121

Also the Olive Orchard – a 100% South African Olive Oil in different flavors was there to let you taste test with french rolls.  Delicious!


After this we had a chance to test drive the new line of Buick luxury cars and SUVs.  This luxury, style and comfort all in one in a wonderful and relaxing ride.  I love the ease of the turning of the steering wheel and the comfortable leather seating.  My favorite was the Buick Enclave SUV and the Regal.



The next place I stop was progressive Pastry Chef and Co-Executive of the Baume and Brix Restaurant  in Chicago  – Chef Ben Roche.  Chef Roche make edible print dessert at his restaurant and this evening he made a French Crem Yuzu Chiboust, Pastry Cream and Meringue and Ice Cream with Caraway Seeds made with Gelatin Sheets.  The taste of all of theses dessert was incredible and different.  Who would have ever thought that you can use Caraway Seeds into ice cream!



Next, I went to the Food and Wine Best New Chef Andrea Curto-Randazzo from Miami, Florida.  She is the a Chef/Owner of The Water Club, Talula Restaurant and Creative Tastes Catering.  Today she showed us how to cook a Pork Butt which is also called a pork shoulder.  Of course there were alot of butt jokes but that was all a part of the fun.   I learn alot from her especially making functional garnish.  Garnish should never be thrown out but be used as part of the meal.  She made a delicious pork butt with sauteed potato and collard greens with olive oil topped with lemon and lime garnish.  So the next time you go to South Beach you will have to check out her restaurants and catering business.



The next place I went  to was the main room which featured Micheal Green the incredible and very knowledgeable Sommelier and wine expert.  We had chance to taste the difference of burgundy and white wine and what types of food would taste good with them.  We had a chance of using lemons and the tasty Lindt Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt.


Mr. Green then discussed with us the history of wine and alcohol over 20 years in a 20 minute speak.  There are 5 things that you must know about selecting a wine.  First is the  type of grape gives the taste of wine.  Second is the region of the wines.  The cooler place region offer a lighter, higher in acid and low alcohol wine.  The warmer place region offer a heavy, low acidity and high in alcohol wine.  Third is the type of soil and fourth is the vintage year.  Last is how it was made either in a vineyard or winery and aging wine which is usually not given on a label.  Another thing is the taste of the wine which we have to use the six “S”.  See – Hold from the stem or hook, Swirl – introduction of oxygen, Smell – the mine could be sweet, sour, bitter, salt and savory. Sip, Swish and Swallow.  Then in his closing notes he stated that there is no relationship with price and taste, if you it taste good to you than it is and last he made a quote from Thomas Jefferson “Wine is a necessity of life for me”.  What a great lesson!


Last but not least was the Iron Celebrity Chef and Chef of the Year for Food and Wine Magazine – Micheal Psilakis.  A Greek-American self taught chef was invited to cook a dinner for the President of the United States for Greek Independence Day.  He is the Executive Chef/Owner – Kefi, FISHTAG and MP Taverna Restaurants. Chef Pislakis took time to talk with us about his family history of cooking and how he was able to drawn inspiration from his family to become the chef he is today.  Chef Psilakis demonstrated a new spin of the Gyro Rub which consist of  a 1/3 of beef chuck, short rib and brisket meat.  He made it the Gyro as a hamburger which made is very juicy and full of flavor.


I was so honored that he signed his classic Greek cookbook “How to Roast a Lamb”.   Make sure you purchase this book today because you will learn the true essence of Greek cooking.  So the next time you see the Buick Discovery – Food and Wine Tour come to your neighborhood make sure you stop by and come to this very exciting event.



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