Spring Home Repair and Gardening


Spring is here and summer is around the corner.  This is the time to to catch up with all of your cleaning and to get rid of the things that you once hold onto but really do not need.  I had a chance to visit the Atlanta Home Show to see what are the new  products and home organizers that are coming out for the 2013.

I had a chance to hear a speaker name Tonya M. Williams  who is a HGTV Real Estate & Lifestyle expert discuss about the upward movement of real estate for both the seller and the buyer.  She gave us ideas on how to refreshes our home for the coming season and what are the best low cost ways to remodel our homes.  Indeed it was excellent information!


After hearing Ms. Williams, I then decided to walk around the Atlanta Home Show to see what are the new gardening items and home products.  I stop and saw  a beautiful  model industrialized kitchen that can be place any kitchen and not look too overpowering.  Easy to install closets organizers are being used in  wet rooms, walk-in closets and office rooms.  There were some unique water features  such as vases, brick waterfalls, ponds and fire lighting rocks. Outdoor lighting is very key particularly using it as a focal point for a water feature. Outdoor living is still very popular with different displays of outdoor fireplaces, kitchens and stainless steel grills.


Outdoor living would not be complete unless you have a garden with flowers, trees, ornamental, plants and herbs.  For your garden specifically use, companion herbs which can help you to get rid of any unwanted pests without using any pesticides.  Herbs such as lavender , thyme, chives or any member of the allium family can even deter larger pests, such as hungry deer.  It seems that to be that the strong aroma of certain herbs confuses pests and keeps them away from neighboring vegetables plants.  Having herbs in your garden can help reduce weeds.  Such as parsley which spreads and take over any empty spots before the weeds do.


So this summer enjoy your home both the inside and outside.  Start on your home repairs  and gardening right now!


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