Taste of Douglasville – 2013


This year is the 20th annual Taste of Douglasville and it is the most largest and popular event where great food served by local restaurants, incredible entertainment by talented community members, and arts and crafts created by local artists and artisans.  Last year was a record-breaking event of 15,000 people that came to the Taste of Douglasville.  This year like last year the festival continues as a”Tobacco Free Event” and in the Kids Korner booth there are educational activities about the damage tobacco use  and it’s causes.


At the Taste of Douglasville,  I had the chance to volunteer for the 4H Group and Jr Master Gardeners booth.  At the Jr. Master Gardeners booth children can make “seedheads” and play with bamboo rain sticks and flutes.  In the 4H Group with collaboration of the Keep Douglasville Beautiful, the Water and Sewer Authority  and the University of Georgia Douglas County Extension Agriculture and Natural Resources joined forces to create “Water Works”, wet and wild learning about water quality and quantity.   The children were able to make their own paper boats and place it in a water tube to learn about the powerful force of water.


Right next to the Jr. Master Gardeners booth was the Georgia Dairy Farms which had an actual live cow.  Millie, the five year Holstein Cow, was there to demonstrate to all of the children where milk comes from and how do you milk Millie the cow. Some interesting facts about the Georgia Dairy Farmers is that the average amounts of cows that are on the Georgia farm is 270 and cows favorite temperature is 42 degrees.  It takes 5 minutes to pump 5 gallons of milk from a cow. It was very interesting to real see where your milk comes from and  how it is produced.  The Southeastern Diary Association in conjunction with the Georgia Dairy Farmers gave out free tasty low fat flavored and plain milk.



There also was the Junior League’s “Kids in the Kitchen” project which includes making yummy yogurt parfaits and learn healthy eating habits.  The Carrollton’s S.C.A.R.P. Bin always features creating with recycled materials, and this year children made head-bands, masks and drawings.   There was also the Second Chance Greyhounds petting area at their rescue organization’s booth and Cyber Safety for Kids sessions from Ft. Valley State’s Mobile Information Technology Center.  Also this year, there was incredible tasty foods from various local restaurants and I made sure that I had a chance to sample from all kinds of different foods .



The most honorable event that I had the chance to participate in was Ford – Drive 4 Your Community to raising money for my community.  The money that I raised while driving a demo new Ford car went towards the Douglas County – United Way.  If this Ford events come to your area make sure you participate the Drive 4 Your Community to help your local community.  Again, I had an excellent time at the the Taste of Douglasville and can not wait for next year!



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