Alive Tour and Expo – 2013


Another Great Year  for the Alive Tour and Expo 2013!  I had the opportunity again to go to the the Expo and wanted to learn the latest gadgets and information in the Alternative Health field.  First I had the chance to meet with a harpist who heals the body with her harp.  Her name is Maya GG and her seminar was on Integrating Harp Therapy and Healing Music into Your Wellness Practices.  What is interesting in what she does is how she uses her harp.  She would place the back of the chair against the front of the harp so that the person who is sitting in the chair would feel the vibrations from the harp.  She would then tell you to close your eyes and ask a series of questions while plucking each string.  What she is trying to do is find out what notes that your body prefers to feel and hear.   Once you have told her which notes that feels good to you then she starts to play a melody based on that on chord.  When I tried this I felt my headache melt away.  Such a talented lady!  Check out her website for more information. Click Here.


When I come across a product that I like and I sometime ask myself why did I not think of this.  Has that happen to you?  Well this is one of those products.  Cu’i is a pure 100% all natural watermelon drink.  Boy it taste good especially during a hot summer day. So check and purchase one at your local grocer.


There were some unusual devices that were used to assist with pain issues such as the  Simple Oriental Medicine Wisdom,  This device is gold in color, round and has spikes all around it.  It is like having your own acupuncturist with you in your pocket.  It is supposed to hit the trigger points of the nerves to help heal certain pain problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle cramps and headaches.  I do not know if their claims are true but it was interesting to watch.


Green Living was very big topic at the expo.  There was the green memory form mattress, the veggie oil conversion car where it uses vegetable oil as fuel,   and Atlanta Falcon Ovie Mughelli Foundation for a Greener future for our youth.


I always like coming to the Alive Tour and Expo to see what the latest vendors are doing and selling in the Alternative Medicine field.  Make sure you go when the Alive Tour and Expo comes to your neighborhood.



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