Hydrangea Festival – Part 2 – Standard Flower Show Results and Festival Market

My beautiful picture

Back again to Hydrangea Festival, I had a chance t0 visit the Festival Market at the Douglasville Courthouse.  The Festival Market has given a chance of local artisans, crafts-persons and gardeners to display and sell their goods.  One craftsman was selling bird houses but these houses were not your ordinary bird houses.  Some of the birdhouse were shaped and made as a church, log cabin and even a clay house.  These houses were made for rich birds!  Click here to see more birdhouses.

My beautiful picture

Also at the Festival Market, there were alots of artisans that where selling their art work such as self portraits .  Another crafts-person was selling their beautiful jewelry and handmade bags.  Gardeners and Farmers where selling their unique plants, herbs, gardening accessories and flowers especially hydrangeas.  Click here to see more!

My beautiful picture

The standard flower show  was such a beautiful arrangement and so many different flowers that I have never seen before.  Last year the flower show title “The Royals” had 398 horticulture exhibits, 24 exquisite dining table designs, plus 34 youth and two educational exhibits. This years flower show had feature the “Blushing Bride” hydrangea.  The show qualifies for entry into the State and National award categories which was awarded in April and May 2013.  This event generated visitation from 56 Georgia cities, 12 states and 5 foreign countries.  Click here to see some of the flowers that were presented at the Standard Flower Show.

I had such a great time at the Standard Flower Show and Festival Market but the best is yet to come.  Next week, I will talk about Daytime Garden Tours!!


One response to “Hydrangea Festival – Part 2 – Standard Flower Show Results and Festival Market

  1. Looks beautiful. Wow! Douglassville is full of culture and art!

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