Hydrangea Festival – Part 3 – Daytime Garden Tours

The last stop on the Hydrangea Festival was the Daytime Garden Tours.  This my favorite because I had a chance to see neighborhood privately own backyard homes and get some ideas on how I would like to decorate my dreamy backyard.  All of these homes where beautiful and it did not matter if it was a large farm backyard to a small square foot space.  These home owners knew how to make a backyard garden to pop.  Every owner made sure that they showed their personalities in the creation of their backyard.

My beautiful picture

Alot of the backyards have very usual plants and whimsical outside furniture.   Some of the list of what was in the backyard gardens were:

  • Outdoor dining room complete with chandeliers,
  • Children’s gardens,
  • Koi ponds,
  • Formal parterres,
  • Woodland gardens,
  • Decorative garden sheds,
  • Greenhouses and conservatory
  • Statuary and sculptures
  • Over 700 boxwoods in one gardens
  • Arbors and lots more

I truly appreciate and thank these home owners open their homes and backyards to the public.  I also stop at the Douglasville Cultural Art Center Complimentary Garden grounds where several local garden business designers display their expertise in gardening and lawn care.  Click here to see all of the photos of the backyard gardens.

Again, the Penny McHenry Hydrangea Festival surpass my expectations and I can not wait for what will happen until next year!!  Hope to see you there!!


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