HEPSA Living Healthy Speaking Engagements and Interviews

I love to do interviews and speaking engagements so when I have a chance to do one I make sure that I am prepare to give the best information that the public needs.  I had a chance to do a speaking engagement with a Cancer Support Group called “Hope for the Journey” in Villa Rica, Georgia.  My presentation was on Nutrition and Breast Cancer and I was able to discuss about how nutrition assist in the healing of breast cancer.


I also had the opportunity to be interview by Dr Donnamaria Culbreth from the The Dynamics of Colorism Talk Radio which focuses on discussing the existence of colorism among people of color.   The radio interview discussion was about Diabetes and People of Color. The other healthcare professionals who were also on this discussion panel were Ms. Ruth Pierce, Founder, The Black Diabetic Foundation and Professor Evans, Owner of Asher Farms.  The topics that were discussed on the radio show were diabetes management, taking responsibility and accountability for your health, living healthy (diet and exercise) and the benefits of healthy lifestyle changes.  Here is the link to the radio show and please let me know what your thoughts about the show :  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dynamicsofcolorism/2013/07/26/diabetes-and-people-of-color

HEPSA Living Healthy loves to read your comments .  Please feel free to type in the comment section below and let me know what your thoughts and suggestions about this blog.  Coming soon is the HEPSA Living Healthy Show podcast!!


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