It is Organic Harvest Time!

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For all of the gardeners out there getting ready for the fall harvest is closely approaching.  In the Douglas County in Georgia, the Douglasville Master Gardeners have their very own organic garden that is near the Douglas County Library.  The vegetables, herbs and fruits that are grown and harvest there are sent to local soup kitchens in the communities very year.  The Douglasville Master Gardeners do educate local gardeners about organic garden and the importance of it.  Click here to see the pictures of the garden

This month is Organic Harvest Month™ which celebrates on focusing the benefits and practices of organic agriculture.  Growers, retailers, organizations, food co-ops, and communities around the country are planning special activities during September to celebrate Organic Harvest Month™. The objective of the Organic Harvest Month is to share information with consumers on what organic stands for and what organic products are available. Events during this year’s Organic Harvest Month™ range from in-store promotions of organic products, tasting parties, “meet the farmer” opportunities, farm tours, and community harvest festivals. In communities where there is no organized event, the Organic Trade Association suggests that consumers visit their local farmers’ market or search their supermarket shelves to find organic products.

So this week stop by your local organic farmer and purchase some organic veggies and fruits.  Ask questions to your local farmer questions about his/her crops and give them a thank you for deciding to go organic.  For more information about Organic Harvest Month go to the Organic Trade Association website at  Happy Harvesting!

My beautiful picture


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