Eat in Houston Texas!


As I have previously talk about that I was in Houston, Texas for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Conference and I had the chance to catch up with new and old friends.  Of course during all of those gatherings we had a chance to chow down and taste some interesting and some good foods.  First I had the chance to eat at the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Houston.  I have never been to any Four Seasons Hotel but all I ever heard about this hotel was luxury and top notch service.  In the Four Seasons Hotel is the Quattro restaurant where the have the best Sunday Brunch in town.


The Four Seasons Hotel restaurant – Quattro  means four in Italian – represents the four “faces” of the restaurant: breakfast, lunch, dinner and a lively antipasto bar.  Boy it was so taste of the food was extremely delicious.  I had the  Seared Sustainable Verlasso salmon, truffle mashed potatoes, Houston “Sutton Sweet” tomato relish, caper salmoriglio which was excellent!  Our waiter was incredible and so entertaining and funny!  So whenever you are in Houston, Texas and you want some great delicious food then go to the Four Season Hotel.


The next day I had a chance to visit the Epicurean Express Supermarket in Downtown Houston.  This store sells gourmet grocery food items at discount prices.  I love the selections of food items that they had and I wish they had one here in Atlanta.  Here are some pictures below of this wonderful supermarket:


I also had a chance to eat at Massa’s Seafood Grill which i was extremely happy to eat there.  I ate an appetizer which was Crab Cakes – Topped with Lemon Butter Sauce and Tomato Relish  and while one of my friend had the Chicken Caesar salad.  I love the flavor and taste of the crab cakes and the crab was real crab meat!  I will definitely come back to this restaurant again!


I then went to a Tapas restaurant with some friends in the evening time and this was the first time I have ever been to one.  I have not been a great fan of Tapas Restaurants because of the meals being made with alots of beef and beef products.  I am a semi-vegetarian and I was not use to eating the food selection that was there at the restaurant.  My friends love the food but unfortunately i could not get into eating it.  I do love the sharing the food concept but the food at this restaurant was not my cup of tea.  Here are some of the pictures of the food at the Tapas Restaurant below:




So it is great to try something new and be open to it.  This week try to eat something that you have never eaten before.  I will definitely continue to do this especially when I go away.  For more food ideas particularly for the holiday season check out by friend Renee Simpson blog called .


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