National Nutrition Month 2014 – Explore Your Taste of Eating Right with Diverse Foods

This week the celebrations of National Nutrition Month continues we are exploring our taste with Diverse Foods and learning the importance of these foods.  Let us learn about some of the cultural practices of diverse foods.

American Indian –  Traditional Navajos had a plant-based diet and ate meat only occasionally (eg. ceremony) .  Currently, the Northern Plain Indians have limited vegetables roots to a meat and potatoes diet instead.  

African American – consumes fewer fruits and vegetables and have less dietary fiber, calcium and potassium but on the other hand, they consume excessive amounts of fatty meats, salt and cholesterol on what is called Soul Food.

Asian Indian and Pakistani –  Traditional dishes include grains and legumes cooked with vegetables, milk products combined with vegetables or fruits and grains combined with meat, poultry, or seafood.  Beware the use in cooking with Ghee (clarified butter).

Caribbean Hispanic – staple dish is rice and beans and other starch vegetables.  Portions maybe large and fatty meats may also be used during cooking.  

Chinese American –  traditional Chinese diet is 70% complex carbohydrates, 15% from protein which is mostly plant base and 15% from fat.  Dairy products are not common and Chinese American restaurants frequently use chicken fat to braise vegetables and for added flavor. 

Mexican American –  traditional Mexican diets are typically limited in added fat while high in fruits, vegetables and fiber,  However, current Mexican American diets are often high in fat and inadequate in fruits and vegetables. 

To learn more click the video link below where you can learn about how healthy and tasty menu items from all ethnicities can be included in a healthful eating plan  based on your specific needs and tastes. A registered dietitian nutritionist can help you understand how your favorite ethnic foods can fit into a healthful eating plan.

Eat Right with Foods from All Ethnic Traditions

To learn further about on Cultural Food Practice check this link here.

For more information about National Nutrition Month go on to the website:

Whatever your lifestyle, a registered dietitian can help develop a personalized eating plan that fits your unique nutritional needs and tastes. Click here to see a Registered Dietitian from HEPSA Living Healthy.

See you next week when we will discuss many more ways to enjoy the taste of eating right!!

From Denine Rogers, RD, LD of HEPSA Living Healthy –


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