Spring Ahead for Lente


Being a Christian, this is the season for Lente and is it a time to give up something and gain something better.  I decided to sleep for one hour earlier in order to wake up 1 hour early in the morning to see this wonderful sun rise.  Since the weather is getting warmer I have been running in the AM time with my beautiful black labs.  Doing this has given me a chance to enjoy my afternoon more and it allows for me not feel rush to finish everything that I have to do that evening.  This also has given me the chance to accomplish everything that I need to do for the rest of day.  I have a question that to ask you:

What are you willing to give up in order to gain something better?

Let me know what your answer to this question by emailing me at the comments section of this blog.

I also had the excellent opportunity to be a guest host with the Itunes webcast of “Low Carbo Conversations”.  Listen in to what was discussed and let me know what you think of the broadcast!

Click this link here:  http://livinlavidalowcarb.com/blog/lcc-episode-105-courtney-locklear-and-emily-drews-on-the-paleo-meat-obsession/22434

Enjoy this wonderful spring week!!



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