10th Anniversary of the Alive Expo


This is another year for the Alive Expo but this year is it’ s 1oth year anniversary.   Alive Expo is a two day event  of “Natural Products, Organic Foods and Green Living”!  I had the chance to visit different companies and sample healthy, organic and quick meal preparations.  I can not believe that it has been 10 years for the Alive Expo.


One of the main speakers  at the Alive Expo was Jordan Rubin the Founder of Beyond Organics.  I had read his New York Times Bestseller the “Maker’s Diet” which was excellent and everyone who is interested in living the alternative medicine lifestyle should read that book.  He has a brand new book called the “Maker’s Diet Revolution” where he discuss about boosting your immune system and promote optimal digestive health.  You have to definitely check out the Beyond Organics products.


After listening to Jordan Rubin speak, I then proceed down the vendors aisles to see what new products are being promoted at this expo.   One of the products that I like is a family own run business called Mo Spices.  Mo Spices are seasonings that are low in sodium but brings excellent flavor to foods.   I love the lemon pepper seasoning and it brings back the healthy in food.   Check out their website: http://www.MOSPICES.com.


Another product I like at the conference was Little Me Tea.  Little Me Tea is the healthy alternative to juice – organic tea for kids.  It is sweetened only with fruit and veggies juices, super low in sugar, certified organic and caffeine-free.  I had a taste of the tea and found it very tasty.   It is a great alternative drink instead of sodas.


There were so many other products that I was interested in at the Alive Expo such as Lettuce Buy Local which the lettuce is made here in Georgia and Leahey Foods – a gluten free vegan food company.  Excellent tasting gluten free cookies!


Like always the Alive Expo had excellent products and companies that educated the public about green healthy natural living.  I will definitely come back next year!



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