Master Gardener’s Annual Plant Sale


I could not believe that I woke up early to go to work at  the Douglas County Master Gardener’s Plant Sale this past Saturday.  Usually on Saturday’s I sleep late but this time I had to be there at 8:00 am to volunteer with the Junior Master Gardener’s booth.  I thought there would not be hardly any people there and I can take my relax time in purchasing my own plants for my garden,  But where i got there it was a mad house of people running to purchase plants.


I literally had to fight and climb over people to get at least 2 of  the tomatoes and peppers plants that i want.  I still was unable to get some other plants and by the time 9:30 am came around almost all of the plants were gone.  I could not believe it!


This made me think about how much people want to take control of what they are eating and where their food is coming from.  It is important to know that the plants and seeds you purchase are not genetically modified organisms and that they are really organic.  The Master Gardeners that harvest the plants are making sure that the plants they have are not laced with GMO’s.  Also, the prices of the plants are so much cheaper than purchasing them from the local Home and Garden stores.  I paid the most per plant (particularly vegetables) was 1 to 5 dollars.  Where are you going to find cheap prices like that? So maybe that is why so many people rush to this plant sale and purchase almost every plant that was there!  Next time take  a trip to your local Master Gardener’s plant sale by speaking to your local cooperative extension service.  Here is a link to the listing of Cooperative Extension Services located in the United States – .


This past week I did a radio boardcast with Renee Wiggins, RD, LD who is the host  of her own blogtalk radio show called – Being Fabulously Fit-in-God’s-Kingdom.  We discuss  about the ” Gift from Your Garden- The whole family will enjoy” so make sure you check out her boardcast on blog talk radio. Click here to listen:

Next week I will give a update on my wonderful seeds growing into seedlings.  Happy Gardening !  

Want to see more pictures of the Master Gardener’s Plant Sale?  Then click here


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