My Garden for 2014


April showers bring May flowers.  How does your garden grow?  Well is growing great and thank you for asking.  My precious seedlings are now growing into little sprouts.  They are ready to leave the mini indoor greenhouse and to be transplanted into the pot plant container phase.  I am so excited in doing this and can not wait for what June has in store for my plants.

I have now moved my sprouts outdoors since the weather has finally gotten warmer and the frost alert has officially been uplifted!!  This past week I took the time in transplanting my sprouts to the pot plant containers with rich organic soil.  My sprouts love the outdoors particularly when it rains.  Here are some pictures below:


From seedlings to sprouts



Transplant into pot containers





I was able to purchase some plants from the Master Gardener sale and was able to fix my raised bed garden for these new plants.  Check out my new garden:


My raised bed garden

So since this is the month of gardening, what are you planting and growing in your garden?  Let me know and happy gardening!!

Ribbon Cutting Alert!! I am officially having the opening of my business through the Douglas County Chambers on Thursday, May 22nd, 2014 at 11:30 am.  If you are in the Douglasville, Georgia area then click here  for details.  Love to meet you!!


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