The Dream Project – Part 2 – The Breakout Sessions



The Dream Project Conference had alot of breakout session that it was hard to select which ones to go.  The first one I decided to go to was the Women in Business seminar.  I had the pleasure of meeting Egypt Sherrod from the HGTV Show Host of Property Virgins  and founder of her own real estate firm called The Egypt Sherrod Real Estate Group.  (I love that show!) She is such a sweet and gracious person.  Egypt was the moderator of this breakout session and it was great to hear her talk about the importance of women becoming successful business owners and leaders.  I love the quote that Egypt said “We are so much more than our resumes!”

Me and Egypt Sherrod !!

Me and Egypt Sherrod !!

During this session there was a panel of other successful women business owners speaker who were open to talk about what it takes to become a female business owner and leaders in their field of expertise.  Gina Barboza, who is the Director of Music Licensing & Development Turner Entertainment Networks, said that “Women need to come together and help each other by sharing knowledge with each other”.  “Put God first and be true to yourself and not become afraid to fall apart a little bit.”  She also said that there is 1.3 trillion Hispanic market and there is certainly a need for your services there.  She states that social media is such a valuable tool to marketing but you will need to be careful of the content and the message that your business is giving out.  Make sure you have value to your vision!

Gina Barboza

Gina Barboza !!

Next was Melissa Dawn Simkins, the President of the Velvet Suite, which is a new brand of leadership development transforming how people think, look and perform like champions for elite performers in business and sports.  Melissa Simkins explained that women often miss the value of who they are.  We need to prove to others that we a person of success.  Women need to define their value and be honest with themselves.  Women must also value their relationships with others which may in turn produce future profitable connections.  I truly agree with her on that!!

Then was Astid Chirnos, President, Latin American Chamber of Commerce of Charlotte, North Carolina, who spoke about that women are not minorities anymore!  We all need to allow our communities to succeed and create an abundance of opportunities in our communities.  Create a business not a job!  She stressed that we all have 24 hours in a day but what we need to do is not manage our time but our energy!! Find a coach and mentor to keep you balance!


Beverly High !

Iris Reese,  CEO at Fusion Multicultural Marketing  of the Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina said that this seminar is for women to “Put themselves first, get rid of the limiting beliefs and manage the fears in their lives!”  Other ladies on the panel were Lily Winsoft who discussed about women to not be afraid and to encourage themselves to go out there and make a difference  and Beverly High who talk about women in owning and purchasing their land.  Look at the opportunities in gardening and farming as a business.  Check out the Dept of Agriculture for further information.


Women in Business Panel !

In the closing of this breakout session the ladies of the panel gave us women audience more important informative information.  In order to start a business you should hook up with your local chamber of commerce and look for people who are in business that you would be interested in partnering with.  Join your local credit union and develop a relationship with your bank.  Look out for Angel investors but make sure you have a sound business plan and be able to present this with passion!! Know what is your purpose is and find the people who are willing to finance it!  Truly smart women to listen too!!

In next week’s posting,  I will discuss about what else I have learned from another breakout session that I attended.   Make those dreams come alive this week!





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