2014 Hydrangea Festival in Douglasville, Gerogia – Part 2


WOW, I feel that I am in my environment when I come to the Hydrangea Festival.  As part of the festival, I stop at the Douglasville Cultural Arts Center to see the art exhibit, the design garden and the butterfly garden (by the Douglas County Master Gardeners).  On this hot sunny day, I decided to stop inside the Cultural Arts Center to view the Georgia Artists with Disabilities Exhibit.  The Douglasville Cultural Arts Center was one of nine sites statewide to showcase this incredible exhibit.  The exhibit featured winners of regional competitions and included 2-d art, fiber arts, photography and sculpture.   The Georgia Artists with Disabilities’ mission is to provide mediums through which Georgia artists with disabilities of the arts.  It also creates public awareness of the artistic skills that these artists have developed by overcoming the obstacles of the disability.   This exhibit was sponsored by the Pilot Clubs of Metro Atlanta which is an organization that promotes participation in civic-service projects which improve the health, education and welfare of all people.  Its goal mission is “full citizenship for people who are disabled”.  Click here to view some of the incredible artwork, sculptures and photography.


I also had a chance to see the the design garden and the butterfly garden on the grounds of the Cultural Arts Center in Douglasville, GA.  Click here to view what I seen at both of these gardens.


There is still more to see at this 2014 Hydrangea Festival.  Can not wait to show you this next week!!


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