2014 Hydrangea Festival in Douglasville, Gerogia – Part 3


So many things to do at this Hydrangea Festival!  I had also the chance to visit the Douglas County Master Gardeners Vegetable Garden where the theme of the Wizard of Oz continued with the Scarecrow Exhibit.

100_1272 100_1273

At this exhibit, I had a chance to meet with Marilyn Parker who is a Douglas County Master Gardener and a beekeeper expert.  She was telling me that this was the first year that the Douglas County Master Gardeners Vegetable Garden ever had a bee hive.  She was able to help set this up with the Douglas County Master Gardeners and now this hives holds over 6,000 bees!!  These bee have help pollinate all of the vegetables and fruits in the garden and has increase production in the garden up to 50% !! More produce equals to more donations of food to the soup kitchens in Douglas County!  Click here to view what I had seen in the garden.


Also close by to the Vegetable Garden was the Master’s Gardeners Children’s Garden in front of the Douglas County Public Library.  It is such a cute and beautiful garden where little children would love to play and explore in.  Click here to view this adorable garden.


Again, I was truly amazed at the talent of all the volunteers at the Hydrangea Festival.  I am so glad of the huge representation of the Douglas County Master Gardeners at this festival.  I will make sure that I will participate in volunteering next year and I am looking forward to the 8th Annual Hydrangea Festival!  Hope to see you there!



I have a new press release –  Click Press Release for HEPSA Living Healthy – Denine Rogers RDN – Stone Soup Blogger to view!


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