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FNCE 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia


It is that time again with FNCE 2014 (Food Nutrition Conference and Expo) from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.  Since this year it is in Atlanta, Georgia, I knew that I needed to come to this incredible conference!  Being a Secretary of NOBIDAN (National Organization of Blacks in Dietetics and Nutrition) – website- www.nobidan.org which is part of the Member Interest Group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND.  I had the chance to participated in alot of events that were associated with NOBIDAN.  This year was a historical year because the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has appointed their first African American President-Elect!  Dr. Evelyn Crayton, Ed, RD, LD, FAND who is also a NOBIDAN member was elected this past February 2014 and will start her term on June 1st, 2015.  I had a chance to speak with her and it was such a honor to meet with her!


This year FNCE there were so many things going on and the speakers were excellent!  One of the speakers that I had enjoyed was Adam Keek who is a Olympic Rower and he explains about using the art of rowing with high performance.  One of the things that he explained about is his disciplines of leadership is to stay focused.  It is not easy to stay focus on a goal let alone training for the Olympics.  He explained how he was able to focus by using the Breakthrough Theory.  For the first 4-5 years you maybe in limbo but with effort time you realize that you need a break through and pretty soon what was hard to do becomes familiar.


Another thing that Adam discussed about is Eat Well = Be Well.  When you eat well then this will result in your body, mind and spirit in becoming a healthy.  Like the old saying goes “You are what you eat!”


The last thing that was important to me from what Adam said on the Disciplines for Leadership is finding a mentor.  That is so important to find someone who has


I really appreciate Mr. Adam Keek speech particularly him closing out this incredible and exciting conference!  His message came at the right time!


Next year FNCE is going to be at Nashville, TN and I can not wait what is going to happen there!  Hope to see you there!



Having a Fun Time at the Georgia Aquarium – Part 2

2014-09-29 09.09.59

The first exhibit we visited was the Ocean Voyager.  This part of the aquarium is home to 4 whales and 4 manta rays which I had the pleasure to witness.  It recently added a fourth manta ray to the Ocean Voyager exhibit and they are the only rays in the U.S. aquarium. There were a thousands of other fish in the 6.3 million gallon exhibit and it is the most magical aquarium habitat in the world.

2014-09-29 09.11.36

We had the pleasure to walk through an acrylic tunnel and we felt like a SCUBA diver in an endless blue sea, mesmerized by thousands of fish swimming overhead. Ocean Voyager, built by The Home Depot, is home to the gentle giants of the sea, including whale sharks and four manta rays.

2014-09-29 09.12.04


Beluga Whales

My husband and I started to walk in the Georgia-Pacific Cold Water Quest exhibit and had the chance to see the beautiful  beluga whales.  They were so cute and always smiling.  When they swim in the water it gave me a calming effect over my body.  Here are some facts about the Beluga whales:

  • The beluga whale is a warm blooded mammal that breathes through the blowhole on the top of its head, not through its mouth.
  • The word “beluga” is derived from the Russian word for “white”.
  • This whale can reach 15 feet long and weigh approximately 2,500 pounds. Blubber, a thick layer of fat, helps the animal stay warm and accounts for more than 40% of a beluga’s weight.
  • Normally, the beluga is a slow swimmer, averaging speeds of 2 to 6 miles per hour. However, it can achieve bursts of speeds in excess of 17 miles per hour. The beluga also has the ability to swim backwards.
2014-09-29 09.35.54

African Penguins

I also had a chance to stand into the Acrylic tunnels and pop-up windows which allowed me to come face to face with the African penguins  This exhibit features more than 25 nesting areas integrated into naturalistic rockwork and comes equipped with a state-of-the-art lighting system that mimics the natural light cycle from twilight to moonlight. These penguins reminded me to the wild African Penguins in Cape Town, South Africa that I had a chance to visit in 2006.  It was beautiful to see these animals even though they were trying to go to sleep.

2014-09-29 09.36.16

African Penguins

2014-09-29 09.27.23

Japanese Spider Crab

Also in the Cold Water Quest exhibit there were the Japanese spider crabs which is part of Deep Sea Dwellers.  Their habitat represents life 1,000 feet (305 m) deep: dark, barren and cold area.  Japanese spider crab gets its name from its resemblance to a spider. It has a rounded body covered with stubby projections and long slim legs.  The species has been known to grow up to 12 feet (3.7 m) across.  Its body will grow to about 15 inches (37 cm) wide and the animal can weigh up to 44 lbs. (20 kg).

Fish-Eating Anemone

Fish-Eating Anemone

Another thing in the Cold Water Quest exhibit  is the Rocky Shore Tidal Pool were we had the chance to dip our hand and touching the Fish-Eating Anemone.  In this exhibit you really get an idea of how cold the Pacific Northwest can be – the temperature here is kept at approximately 55o F (12.8o C).  While touching this creature I notice that my fingers got stuck on its white tentacles.  It felt so weird but the guide told me that this is where they feeds on small fishes not humans.

Fish-Eating Anemone

Fish-Eating Anemone

The last thing in the Cold Water exhibit we had a chance to see the cute Southern Sea Otters.  Southern sea otter is not a social animal as are other otter species and has been known to live alone.  We notice that this sea otter was the only one that wanted his pictures taken even though he was sleepy.  It is believed that a sea otter will wrap itself with kelp before sleeping at the surface to keep itself from drifting away.

Southern Sea Otter

Southern Sea Otter

The last place we visited is the Southern Company River Scout exhibit which showcases a wide diversity of animals found in the rivers of four continents – Africa, South America, Asia and North America.  The rivers are essential to life for animals, people and cultures throughout the world.   We saw the Sting-Rays which are Cartilaginous Fish.

 The skeletons of these animals (Class Chondrichthyes) are composed of cartilage instead of bone. Their bodies are covered with dermal denticles, providing a smooth appearance. Depending on species, they will have 5-7 gills for breathing. Many must continuously swim to breathe.

Sting Rays

Sting Rays

Also in River Scout exhibit we saw the Jelly Fish and the Sea Star Fish which are Invertebrates.

Jelly Fish

Jelly Fish

Invertebrates are animals that do not have a spine or vertebral column. They do not have skeletons or bone. Overall, they are incredibly diverse: approximately 97% of all animal species are invertebrates. For this reason, they must be classified into more than 30 phyla – from sponges to arthropods.

Jelly Fish

Jelly Fish

Sea Start Fish

Sea Star Fish

So if you are in Atlanta, Georgia, make sure you stop by and have a date at the Georgia Aquarium!  You will love it and want to come back again!

The Dream Project – Part 4 – Kevin Lowes and Daymond John

I saved the best for last with the Dream Project Conference!  The two speakers that everyone was talking about were Kevin Liles and Daymond John! Who are these speakers you may ask?


Kevin Liles is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of KWL Enterprises, a strategic holding company anchored by the noted brand and talent development firm, KWL Management. KWL Management works with entertainers, athletes and models to develop brands, forge partnerships, and cultivate successful careers.


Daymond John is CEO and Founder of FUBU, a much-celebrated global lifestyle brand, and a pioneer in the fashion industry with over $6 billion in product sales. His marketing firm Shark Branding offers advice on how to effectively communicate to consumers through innovative means and connects brands with the world’s top celebrities for everything from endorsements to product extensions. In 2009, he joined the cast of ABC entrepreneurial business show the Shark Tank by acclaimed producer Mark Burnett.


All of us there was so excited to hear what both of these men had to say.  Kevin Liles topic was Let’s Talk Business.  He gave some excellent advice to those who are interested in becoming or who are interns.  He said find out what you love and do it for free.  “If you have not done it for free then you did not do the work!”  When Mr. Liles was a intern he knew that his goal was not to be a intern forever but to become the President of the company.  That was his vision and he stresses that it should be ours also.  Mr. Liles said “Be your best all the time and that everyday is a opportunity!”  ” You never know who is going to be your blessing at that time!”  He also said when you want something so bad, do not let your ego get in the way.  Mr. Liles explained that being prepare before that moment of opportunity happens will help your business tremendously.  Make sure you have discipline, faith and patience during these challenges.  Even though you are dedicated to the mission of business, you must have a balance of your life.  You alone should not be  the company.  Mr. Liles talked about when he felt consumed with his work of his business that he had weighed over 300#’s.  He then decided that he needed to take control of his life and health.  He did this by losing over 185#’s and started a healthy lifestyle plan.  Taking over his life and loving himself allowed him to become more successful than he was before!!  What a testimony!


Daymond John was the closing speaker for this conference and boy did he had alot to say.  Mr. John explained as children we are all born thinking like entrepreneurs but we are not taught to like a entrepreneur.  The reason why is that our dreams fade overtime when we get older and the fear starts to set in therefore we are unwilling to explore in doing our dream.  He said that we need to surround ourselves with people who want to work with you and he stress the importance of finding a mentor.  Mr. John explained that the next best thing is to empowering your community by creating jobs and opportunities.  Follow Magic Johnson format of business.  Mr. John did give us insight about the Shark Tank.  It takes about 6 months to close the deals in Shark Tank unlike what is shown on the show.  This was interesting to know because alot of us would think that the deal is closed immediately on the show.  Mr. John also said that as a entrepreneur you must realize that you are not creating anything new but you must identify the your market and learn to sell your business to everyone.  Word of Mouth is the key to a successful business.

I truly did enjoyed the Dream Project Conference and I learned so much from it. I am making a effort to start implementing all of the things that I learn for that one day of the conference.  So if the Dream Project Conference comes to your town make sure you go!  It will be here next year in the Atlanta and I will be there!!




Slim Down the South Celebrity Softball Challenge

Childhood obesity is such an epidemic here in Georgia!  Currently, Georgia is ranks 49 in overall prevalence with 37.3% of children considered either overweight or obese.  The Georgia prevalence of overweight and obese children has risen since 2003.

The Louie’s Kids, a national nonprofit that helps treat childhood obesity as well as promotes a healthier more productive lifestyle.  A recently announced the list of celebrities who will play in the 3rd Annual Slim Down the South Celebrity Softball Challenge.  This event will be held on Saturday, November 9 at Joe Riley Park in Atlanta, Georgia and will be an amazing ‘Field of Dreams’ day as celebrity teams play against each other to raise awareness and monies for Louie’s Kids to combat childhood obesity in the areas hardest hit by this epidemic.

Check out Louie’s Kids website www.louieskids.org to see when an event is in your area.  Help prevent the next child from becoming a statistic.

Slim Down the South Poster

World Food Day 2013

PrintOctober 16th is World Food Day, offering the opportunity to strengthen national and international solidarity in the struggle against hunger, malnutrition and poverty and draw attention to achievements in food security and agricultural development.  World Food Day was established by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in 1979.  This year’s theme is Sustainable Food Systems for Food Security and Nutrition.  For more information on about World Food Day click the website:  http://www.worldfooddayusa.org/

I had a chance to stop by the  Atlanta Community Food Bank and did an incredible tour with the 4 H group from Douglas County, Georgia.  While during the tour, I had a chance to check out the Hunger 101 presentation which is particular important for World Food Day.  The Hunger 101 presentation  showed to increase awareness about hunger and poverty on the local, state and national levels.  This presentation is a interactive and participating community food game is showing you what is like to live in a day of a person who is a Atlanta Community Food Bank client.  The object of the game is to find out how much money you will need to purchase nutritious foods.  There where alots of obstacles that were in the way such as living 30 miles away from the places you need assistance, lack of transportation, keeping a very low budget by living on a minimum wage of $5.75 in the State of Georgia, poor access to healthy foods at the local market store, continuous paperwork to fill out for assistance, long lines and unfriendly rude workers at the assistance offices and the list goes on and on.  It was extremely hard to get healthy food especially when some of the people who were working underpaid full-time did not have the time to apply for these resources and had to accept what was sold at the local market near their home which had no fresh fruits and vegetables but had only sweets and was very expensive in prices.  This exercise gave the 4 H group students a life lesson on how hard it is to access healthy nutritious foods and that places like the Atlanta Community Food Bank is especially needed in all communities.  For more information about Hunger 101 presentation click the website below:   http://www.acfb.org/about/our-programs/hunger-101#workshops

Next week, I will talk about the Atlanta Community Food Bank tour.  Do not miss this!

The Global Health and Humanitarian Summit for 2013


This year, I was selected to speak at the Global Health and Humanitarian Summit which was at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia.  I was truly honored to be amongst people and organizations that want to change the world.  What is the Global Health and Humanitarian Summit you might ask?

The summit is a compelling forum for those dedicated to improving the lives of others and for those who aspire to lend their time, energy and talents to making a difference in the world. The Summit attracts an impressive and diverse assemblage of participants for in depth talks, workshops, exhibits and film screenings. From across the United States, the Middle East, Africa, South America and Asia, experts and extraordinary human beings have come together to share their humanitarian experience and expertise.

The topic that I had discuss about when I was invited to go to the International Diabetes Conference in 2006 at Cape Town, South Africa, where a group that I was a part of had the chance to donate medical supplies to a local township and had the opportunity to see the detrimental causes of diabetes worldwide.  Here is a link to the program of the conference:  http://ghhs2013.kdcdesigns.com/GHHS2013Program2.pdf 


After my speech, I decided to visit the exhibit hall where I was able to talk to  a wide range of non-profit companies, humanitarianism groups, volunteer recruitment operations, private own business and many more organizations.


On organization that caught my eye at the exhibit hall was the Amazon Medical Missions – www.amazonmedicalmissions.org  It is a Christian based outreach ministry from Free Worship Center in Gainesville, GA where medical professionals and lay helpers  from all across the US come to volunteer their time to provide free healthcare to the Peruvian Amazon people.  What make this organization so different was that alot of the healthcare is done on a infirmary boat.  This special boat goes to different stops on the Amazon River to treat the person who live there.  Since 1997 the Amazon Medical Missions has treated over 200,000 Peruvians of nearly every conceivable disease there is on earth.  There were some many incredible stories the staff told me particularly about the Piranhas that were around the infirmary boat.  Here is one that did not fair so well.


The next table I stop was the Falun Dafa (also called Falun Gong) http://en.falundafa.org/  is an advanced practice of Buddha school self-cultivation, founded by Mr. Li Hongzhi, the practice’s master.

It is a discipline in which “assimilation to the highest qualities of the universe—Zhen, Shan, Ren (Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance)—is the foundation of practice.  The focus of Falun Dafa practice is the mind, with the cultivation of one’s mind and thoughts, or “Xinxing,” being singled out as the key to increasing Gong energy.

One of the teachers there demonstrate how this discipline work through the mind body practices.  I was so impress that I told myself that one day we should take a class in this.


Next stop was the Watering Oasis organization http://www.wateringoasis.org which is an international relationship-building organization.  The organization has done so many things that is positive such as traveling to Liberia, Ethiopia, and Haiti, implementing long-term programs to fight poverty, increase the use of solar energy, and develop farming initiatives to improve the lives of the poorest people.  Below is one of the solar power panels that was placed on the homes.


Last stop was the  Nathaniel Chol Nyok Foundation which is in charge of the  Ambassadors for Change program. This program was founded by Nathaniel Nyok, a native of South Sudan and a former Lost Boy of Sudan.  The Ambassadors for Change program exists to build educational opportunities for the children of South Sudan regardless of race, color, religion, or cultural background.  It  is dedicated to promoting better education in South Sudan, a country ravaged by civil war, poverty, and resource distribution challenges.


This conference was very enlightening and educational!  Everyone should go to this conference to learn how they can not only impact their community  but also the world as well.



National Women in Agriculture Association (NWIAA) 2013 – National Conference in Jackson, Mississippi


On April 18-20, 2013 , I had a wonderful opportunity to travel by bus to the 3rd Annual National Women in Agriculture Association (NWIAA) Conference in Jackson, Mississippi.  I have never been to the deep South of Mississippi yet never been to a Conference that is focused on farming.  I was excited to go and I made sure that I  had a open mind to what I was going to learn there.


The jam pack Conference was held at Jackson State University and there was so many seminars to attend at such a short period of time.  One of the seminars that I had attended was the AGRI-BUINESS NETWORKING and the highlight of this session was making a business farm plan.  I did not know that alot of farmers do not have a business plan for their farming business and have so much problems in getting funding.  Dr. Nicholas Hill gave us written information on how to write a business plan in detail and explained how we can do a planning forecast projection sheet.  Then Dr. Donald Causey discussed about the importance of networking as a farmer in order to bring continual business.  He explained the importance of understanding other peoples needs before your own needs and expect nothing in return.  The whole thing about networking is to help others and get to know the right people.


Another great seminar was the “Marketing: Goat Milk Soap” by the Huff Family.  They explained about the ingredients of the goats milk by using lye or sodium bicarbonate, oil, conditioner, filler, frozen goats milk and a variety of fragrances.   I tried their goats milk soap  and I found it to be more moisturizing than any of the other soaps on the market.



There were seminars that deal with lifestyle such as the “Natural Hair Tips and Hair Wrapping” by Martha Jenkins.  Ms. Jenkins spoke about the differences of textures with black women’s hair and the different ways on how to take care of each natural hair textures.  She also explained that drying agents such as alcohol and salt strips the moisture from black hair leaving it dry and damage.  She demonstrated different techniques on ways to to keep black hair moisturize such as making your own conditioner – avocado, coconut milk and honey.  This conditioner will prevent dryness and allows the hair to be more manageable.


There were also alot of success stories from the NWIAA members who have hook up and worked with the NWIAA and USDA.  Mr. Glyen Holmes who owns a company called the New North Florida Cooperative – Small Farmer Distribution.  In his company, Mr. Holmes grows, sell and distributes small farmers produces to all across the country.  With his fleet of trucks his drivers and sometime himself picks up produce from local small farmers in the areas and sells them to the local schools. The goal for the cooperative is to “marketing services to the participating farmers, collectively sell produce to markets such as local school districts, and ultimately to increase the amount of product being sold, thereby increasing the farmer’s income”.  http://www.farmtoschool.org/


Another successful story was Mr. James Turner and his unique potato chips.  Mr. Turner wanted to create a potato chip for the children that was nutritious and healthy.  He came up with a product called Power Potato Chips that offers a high source of B2, B6 & Vitamin C and an good source of B1, B3, Vitamin E, & Zinc!  Power Potato Chips are unlike the other potato chips products out there which are high in fat and no nutritive value.  USDA and NWIAA assisted high with contacts that he needed to start his business.  Soon Mr. Turner will be contracting his potato chips to schools across the country.


I had received so much more  information at this conference that it would take me days to write.  Next year’s,  NWIAA Conference is going to be held in Atlanta, Georgia.  I would like to especially thank Dr. Tammy Gray-Steele (the Founder of NWIAA from Oklahoma), my Greater Carroll Country Georgia Chapter NWIAA Chairperson Michelle Lewis, the NWIAA Mississippi Chapter and Jackson State University for their hospitality and for making this conference a worth while event.  NWIAA headquarter’s is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Check out the NWIAA website for more information:  www.nwiaa.org .  Next week, I am going to blog about the NWIAA Conference Farm Tours in Jackson, MS.  So stay tune!  Also pray for our brothers and sisters in Oklahoma this week!

Want to see some pictures of the NWIAA Conference.  Click here


Community Service Day – Open Hand


During these tough economic times, volunteer organization around the country are hurting.  They need money and volunteers who are willing to step up and help their community.  On April 27th. 2013, which is Community Service Day, I became a Task Leader Volunteer for my job  and volunteer at Open Hand in Atlanta, Georgia.


What is Open Hand?  Open Hand is a strong fixture of the Atlanta Metro community and “they helps people prevent or better manage chronic disease through Comprehensive Nutrition Care™, which combines home-delivered meals and nutrition education as a means to reinforce the connection between informed food choices and improved quality of life.” – quote from the Open Hand Mission Statement.


It started with Michael Edwards-Pruitt who founded Project Open Hand in 1988, he and a few of his neighbors cooked meals for 14 friends with HIV/AIDS who were too sick to cook for themselves. This labor of love  for the community has continue over 20 years later with a full-time staff, providing nutrition education from licensed dietitians, as many as 700 helping volunteers per week,  preparing and delivering over 5,500 meals a day.  This organization is a very unique non-profit establishment.


I was so honored to be able to work with my team of volunteers and Team Manager Ms. Tyrone.  Our job for this day was to prepare help nutritious meals for low-income men, women and children who are dealing with a critical, chronic, or terminal disease; and homebound seniors.  We met with the Volunteer Service department staff who sat down and discuss with us the mission and the vision of Open Hand.  The mood at Open Hand kitchen was lively and the staff there was so friendly and positive. Food Safety is strictly enforced based on the clientele that Open Hand is feeding.  There are chefs that work  at Open Hand that were making fresh healthy dietary requirements meals from scratch for the assembly food line. Our group placed the food into a packing assembly line format where we package portioned foods into individual containers and snack bags for distribution.  The assembly line was pretty fast and very organized.  At the end of the 4 hour day of volunteering service, I am so happy to say that we have packaged and send out 2545 meals!  Can you imagine if we volunteered for a 8 hours, how many more meals we would have sent out!


So make every day a Community Service day!  Volunteer to to make your community a better one!

ACE Conference in Athens, GA

In March 2012, I had a chance to attend the Annual Conference & Exhibition (ACE) at The Classic Center, in Athens, Georgia.    This year conference focus on “Food For Thought – Dig In! 21st Century Issues For Nutrition Professionals”.  It was a great opportunity to network with other fellow Registered Dietitians and to see what new things are going on in the areas of Nutrition and Dietetics.   There were very inspiring and informative speakers that gave us alots of incredible information.

Mary Lee Chin, MS, RD from the Nutrition Edge Communications spoke about “The Sustainable American Dinner Plate: A Revolution Putting Food on the Modern Table”. Ms. Chin spoke about understand impact of nutrition and sustainability that affect consumer behavior of food purchases.  She had discuss on the examination of food production methods and the food sourcing trends.   Ms. Chin compare the benefits, claims and realities of local, small-scale, family-owned, organic and natural foods, and big, fast, modern, conventional, biotechnology, processed global foods.  She explained about evaluating the economic impact, efficiency and food mile costs of how food is produced.  She also provided consumer guidance and clarify misconceptions regarding nutrient composition of foods.

The ACE Conference had the distinguish honor of having the Past President of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Judith C. Rodriguez, PhD, RD, FADA, LDN came to the Conference and spoke about “PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT THROUGH SERVANT LEADERSHIP” .  Dr. Rodriguez gave us the definition of what is Servant Leadership, what are the characteristic of a servant leader and what are the key characteristics of a Servant Leadership.  Dr. Rodriguez also focus on the different service opportunities that are available in the area of servant leadership.

Mary Ann Johnson, PhD from the Faculty of Gerontology at University of Georgia College of Family and Consumer Sciences spoke about” LONGEVITY AND NUTRITION Myths & Facts & Uncertainties”  She explained about that people are living longer but alot of them have poor health conditions that are nutritionally related.  She gives Registered Dietitians on ideas about how to assist this population with the nutritional health that they need.

Being a Diversity Mentor for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, I had the opportunity to participate in the ACE Conference with assisting in the poster board presentation.  Diversity Leader – Roop Jeannot MPH, RD, LD and myself did a poster board presentation on the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics “Diversity Leaders Program”.  This gave the Georgia Chapter of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics the chance to learn more about the Diversity Leaders and Mentors Program.

There were alot of other speakers at the ACE conference that gave excellent speeches and informative information.  Each year the ACE Conference is held in Georgia and in 2013 it is going to be held in Atlanta, Georgia.  So if you want to learn more about the latest in nutrition then come to the ACE Conference in Georgia.

Click here for pictures of the ACE Conference in Athens, Georgia.

Check out the HEPSA Living Healthy website for further Nutritional information – www.livinghealthy1.org

Beauty of the Campus at University of Georgia

Who knew that the University of Georgia (UGA) has so much history!  Go Bulldogs!  I had the opportunity to visit UGA for the Annual Conference Expo Conference from the Georgia Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.  Athens, Georgia is in Clarke County which is about 60 miles northeast of downtown Atlanta.  In January 27, 1785, by the Georgia General Assembly the University of Georgia was the first state-chartered university in America.  I had a chance to walk on the grounds of UGA and look at the historical buildings  around the campus.  The temperatures during this  March were running in the hot 80’s.  When you look around the area of UGA you will see different kinds GA mascot bulldog statutes everywhere.  UGA pride is definitely shown here!

I also had a chance to eat at the New Orleans style restaurant – NONA (New Orleans N’ Athens).  This fine dinning restaurant is located across from the University Of Georgia’s historic North Campus.  The food was great and love that Creole Cajun cooking.  When you enter the restaurant there is a warm and welcoming old style bar and while you sit in an atmosphere of NONA you are able to capture feel of Jazz and Mardi Gras. The dish that I ate was fresh fish blackened trout served with creamed spinach and red beans and rice.  It was so delicious that I wanted more.  (Of course I did refrained myself from eating another dinner meal.)  If you want good flavorful food and a great time come to NONA restaurant!

I loved the quaint historical buildings and homes in Athens, Georgia that I would definitely love to come back and stay alot longer time.  For all of my fellow Atlanta people, come and stop by Athens, Georgia which is only less than 45 minutes away for southern hospitality and country living.

Check out the pictures of NONA Restaurant and UGA on Pinterest