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Toss the Resolutions and Begin Permanent New You Solutions!


The Living Healthy Movement

Welcome to the new HEPSA Living Healthy Online Blog!  We are starting this New Year off right with a new look, new blog and new mission!  HEPSA Living Healthy wants to help you change your life for the better by joining the HEPSA Living Healthy Movement!  So sign up for this new blog today by clicking – www.livinghealthyonline.org

I am Denine Rogers, a registered licensed dietitian nutritionist and holistic practitioner who have a passion to change people’s lives for the better.  I have decided to start the HEPSA Living Healthy Movement because of the constant problems and complaints that I have received from my clients about making New Year’s Resolutions not New Year Solutions.  Too often we do not keep our resolutions and by the time the end of the year comes we feel like we have failed through the whole year. A resolution is a temporary hopeful fix but a solution is a permanent change!  The HEPSA Living Healthy Movement is on a mission to get you to discover what is holding you back from losing weight, stopping smoking, continuing an exercise plan, changing your relationships with food, etc. Check out joining the HEPSA Living Healthy Movement by signing up at the HEPSA Living Healthy Newsletter – www.livinghealthy1.org where we are making solutions for 2015, not resolutions!

This year 2015 the HEPSA Living Healthy Movement are providing ways to change your life for the better by learning about 12 different topics.  The monthly topics will be:

  1. Eating healthy with whole food nutrition
  2. Cooking healthy meals and snacks
  3. Herbal Medicine and Botanicals
  4. Exercising
  5. Meditation, Tia chi, Yoga and Qi Gong
  6. Aromatherapy
  7. Mind, Body and Spiritual Relationships
  8. Gardening
  9. Integrative Nutrition and Medicine
  10. Complementary Alternative Medicine
  11. Vitamins and Supplements
  12. Homeopathy

So for this whole year, the HEPSA Living Healthy Movement is focusing on making positive changes with your life.  I am asking you to join, the HEPSA Living Healthy Movement by clicking here today.

Thank you so much and start Living Healthy today!


HEPSA Living Healthy

HEPSA Living Healthy


National Nutrition Month 2014 – Enjoy the Taste of Eat Right For Your Lifestyle

Have you ever heard from an advertisement that we have the right diet plan for you?  Did you try the diet plan and found out that it was not?  Well there is not right diet plan for everyone and there should not be.  Everyone has different food preferences and eating habits.  Therefore, it is best to have a lifestyle management eating plan than a diet plan.  Diets are temporary and it is hard to maintain a diet plan when it is based on what someone else wants you to eat.  Being on a healthy eating plan gives you chance to eat tasty healthy foods unlike eating the power shakes or frozen meals.   This eating plan allows you to find out what is the real joy of cooking and tasting healthy foods that you have personally made.

Here are some foods you will need to have as part of your healthy meal plan:

1. Make at least half your grains whole.  To eat more whole grains, substitute a whole-grain product for a refined product – such as eating whole-wheat bread instead of white bread or brown rice instead of white rice. It’s important to substitute the whole-grain product for the refined one, rather than adding the whole-grain product. (Reference: www.choosemyplate.gov )

2. Vary your veggies. Select vegetables with more potassium often, such as sweet potatoes, white potatoes, white beans, tomato products (paste, sauce, and juice), beet greens, soybeans, lima beans, spinach, lentils, and kidney beans.  (Reference: www.choosemyplate.gov )

3.  Go lean with protein. The leanest beef cuts include round steaks and roasts (eye of round, top round, bottom round, round tip), top loin, top sirloin, and chuck shoulder and arm roasts. The leanest pork choices include pork loin, tenderloin, center loin, and ham. Choose extra lean ground beef. The label should say at least “90% lean.” You may be able to find ground beef that is 93% or 95% lean.  Boneless skinless chicken breasts and turkey cutlets are the leanest poultry choices.(Reference: www.choosemyplate.gov )

What to know more tips then click the link below on the video.  You will learn that there’s no one diet that’s right for everyone and it’s important to follow a healthful eating plan that’s packed with tasty foods but keeps your unique lifestyle in mind.

Eat Right with a Healthy Lifestyle

Whatever your lifestyle, a registered dietitian can help develop a personalized eating plan that fits your unique nutritional needs and tastes.  Click here  to see  a Registered Dietitian from HEPSA Living Healthy.

For more information about National Nutrition Month go on to the website: http://www.eatright.org/nnm/#.UxEz-sRDuko

The Butter Debate – Good or Evil


Recently, I spoke to a client of mine who was concern about using butter in her cooking since she has no problems with her heart and cholesterol.  There is so much controversy and debate about butter that so many people do not know what to believe.  Is it ok to use or should I use another substitution? The first thing is to know what butter is.  It is the fatty portion of milk, separating as a soft whitish or yellowish solid when milk or cream is agitated or churned. (1).   The problem with butter is the saturated fat content.  Saturated fat raises cholesterol and increase cholesterol translates into higher rates of heart disease or greater rates of mortality.  These findings are usually shown when there is an excessive amount of all foods that are high is saturated fat or possibly due to genetic family disposition. But even though these have been major complaints about butter, there are alots of benefits about pure butter.  Butter is a rich source of easily absorbed vitamin A, needed for a wide range of function.  Butter also contains all the other fat-soluble vitamins (D, E and K), which are often lacking in the traditional American diet.  Butter is rich in important trace minerals, including manganese, chromium, zinc, copper iodine and selenium (a powerful antioxidant).  Butter also provides the perfect balance of omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acid.  Since butter has so many benefits why health professionals are recommending their clients to use Margarines, Shortenings and Spreads?  It could be that a lot of research is being done about the causes of heart disease and the excess intake of saturated fats not the moderation amount intake of fats.  Are there problems with these butter substitutes?  The problems with these butter substitutes are high contents of free radicals which contribute to numerous health problems, including cancer and heart disease.  The use of artificial flavors, emulsifiers, synthetic vitamins and preservatives cause the product to become a fake plastic butter substitute product.  Now that we have discussed about the benefits of butter, how can you choose the best kind of butter from those that fake and harmful.

The best butters are raw butter or pasteurized butter from grass-fed cows’ not grain-fed cows.  Food that comes from grass-fed animals also contains CLA (conjugated linolenic acid) which is a particularly healthy fat that has demonstrated anticancer properties.  If you have not been able to find these types of butter then use regular pasteurized butter from supermarkets which is still a much healthier choice than margarine, shortenings or spreads.

Now you know the good vs. bad of butter you will need to remember the portion size about of butter is 1 tsp which equals to 4 gms fat serving.  Be careful of not over doing your portion sizes and beware of the amount of butter you are using in your cooking.  Start a healthy eating plan and use a food journal to record all of your intake and eating habits.  This butter debate will continue but you can make the final decision on how you can make changes with your health for the better!

1)       (1)   Dictionary.com

        (2)    www.westonaprice.org – Weston A. Price Foundation

              (3)   The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth – Jonny Bowden, Ph.D., C.N.S.

Gerogia Organics Farm RX Conference

My beautiful picture

After finishing all of the wonderful Farm Tours,  I had the opportunity to check out the Georgia Organics Conference itself.  Early that morning I heard the Keynote Speaker Micheal Nischan CEO of Wholesome Wave (www.wholesomewavegeorgia.org )which is dedicated to nourishing neighborhoods by supporting increased production and access to healthy, fresh and affordable locally grown food for the well being of all.  Wholesome Wave use private funds to double the value of food stamps  when they are spent at participating farmers markets and farm stands across the country. Mr. Nishcan is a proponent of sustainable farming, local and regional food systems, and heritage recipes.  He also owns a homegrown restaurant in Westport, Conn, called the Dressing Room.  The Dressing Room is a community gathering place unlike the traditional restaurant.  Mr. Nishcan has long been a leader in the movement to honor local, pure, simple and delicious cooking.  His speech was excellent and very enlightening about the importance of strengthening local food communities.

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Later that afternoon I had a chance t0 sit down and listen to a in-depth workshop seminar.  The one seminar that I found most interesting was the Traditional Healing & Vibrant Health with Herbs and Wisdom Health by Patricia Kyritsi Howell RH (AHG).  She discussed about the five elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine which are Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.   She also talk about the Yin and Yang about the balance  and need of both.  The Yin are tonics type of herbs and the Yang activators herbs.  She explained about the using certain herbs for the Yin and Yang properties.

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After the workshop  seminars the Georgia Organics Expo started to open up .  There were over 70 plus vendor at the expo giving out incredible healthy information.  Some of the vendors were Truly Living Well, The Turnip Truck and AgrAbility.  Truly Living Well (www.trulylivingwell.com) is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit based in Atlanta, Georgia that builds communities by providing  healthy food, agricultural education and employment. They grow a variety of natural produce for people throughout Atlanta from urban food deserts to the city’s finest restaurants.  The Turnip Truck (www.turniptruckatlanta.com ) delivers local food such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products and other foods as well as specialty items to Atlanta’s finest restaurants, schools and institutions.  AgrAbility (www.farmagain.com) in Georgia is a free service program that focuses on promoting independence for members of the agricultural community who have disabilities.

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There was a demo stage in the Georgia Organics Expo area where Holistic Health and nutrition counselor Cher McWilliams demonstrated quick and healthy whole food ideas with local, seasonal, organic produce.   Right after this presentation there was a cooking competition between two teams of master chefs.  These teams of master chefs prepared a three-course meal of healthy, local food to the tune and time of “Lynyrd Skynard’s “Free Bird”. Whole foods market , Chipotle, Frannie’s Gluten Free Muffins (www.franniesglutenfree.com) and Mushroom Mountain Pizza gave out free samples of pizza, chili, tacos and muffins which all very delicious and appetite.

So check out the Georgia Organics website:  www.georgiaorganics.org  see about coming to next year Farm RX Conference and check out all of the other events that they have through out the year.  Hope to see you there next year!  Check out the pictures of the Georgia Organics Farm RX Conference. Click Here

Have a Healthy Thanksgiving!

The end of this week is Thanksgiving so this is the start of eating high fatty sugary foods.  It is so important to continue to eat healthy during this time of year.  But healthy meals do not have to taste bad.  Here are some tips to cooking a healthy Thanksgiving:

  • Do not deep fried  your turkey which has alot of calories and saturated fat.  Bake your turkey and enjoy the tasty juices of the succulent meat.
  • Use herbs and spices to flavor foods.  Season foods like greens with fresh turkey necks to lower the sodium amount.  Vegetables like green peppers, onions, celery and carrots to add flavor.
  • Try skim and low fat dairy products for making your macaroni and cheese dish and for your salad try low-fat and fat-free salad dressings.
  • Substitute 2 egg whites for each whole eggs in cooking recipes.
  • Chill stews and soups and skim fat off the top.
  • Use non-stick pans and non-stick vegetable coating such as PAM for your cooking

Also check out the Kids Eat Right site for healthy food safety cooking tips  such as how to “Thaw Your Thanksgiving Turkey”.  Click Here

Also, I had a chance to be selected as one of Registered Dietitian to be featured as the November Kids Eat Right Everyday Heroes! Feel free to share the link with your family, friends, colleagues, and clients .  Look for Denine Rogers Rd, Ld on the list : http://www.eatright.org/Foundation/content.aspx?id=6442473006

Have a happy and wonderful Thanksgiving!  Remember to Live Healthy this holiday season!