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The Dream Project – Part 1


This is my first time going to the Dream Project Conference and there was some crazy things that were going on prior to the conference.  Such as an accident on the major highway and that a helicopter had to land on the highway on life flight a driver and that there was a small fire in the hotel last night. Despite of all that has happened the founder of the Dream Project – Teneshia J. Warner said that the conference must go on!!


Teneshia J. Warner is a woman of faith and on a mission.  She read Russel Simmons book – Life and Death  and felt  from reading that book that she had a purpose and dream for her life.  So she left her good paying corporate job and decided to find Russel Simmons and ask him if she can become one of his mentees for him for free!!  Yes, I said for free!  Very few people would do that let alone leaving a 6 figure corporate job.  So Teneshia went on her faithful journey to find Russel Simmons and after month of back and forth with him, Simmons realized that she was on a mission and will not back down from pursing it.  Teneshia’s company called Egami Consulting Group which means Image spelled backwards which means  having a positive, vibrate and active image will make you go very far.  Website – http://www.egamiconsulting.com/.  Teneshia explained that a journey of a dreamer is that a dreamer must become a gladiator and never give up on their dream.


During this conference, I had the chance to meet and hear from alot of dream makers.  I was able to hear Lisa Price who is the Founder of Carol’s Daughter.   Lisa Price explained about the journey of how she start to become a entrepreneur and dreamer.  Lisa discussed about having 3 elements that you must make it in the real world.  1. Passion, 2.  Have information about your of field interest and does it have a future? 3. Humility.  She also talk about finding a way to place your networking to another level and once you do then conquer your competition.  Even though when times are hard always never forget your loyal clients.  Carol’s Daughter has been around for over 21 years and was one of the starting companies in the natural hair care movement.


At the lunch time session I had the pleasure in meeting the Mr. Randall Pinkett – winner of the Apprentice and incredible business owner.  Mr. Pinkett talked about making dreams come true!  Take the action of ordinary entrepreneurs can do extra ordinary things! He explained the entrepreneurs are over-comers with believing that their dreams will come true by going through uncharted territory.  If you are such that kind of entrepreneur then go out there to show the world that your dream is possible.  Mr. Pinkett  said for all of us to tap into our inner voice and to get rid of the -ism’s ( etc. racism, separatism or sexism).  When we do this it will lead you to your destiny.  Never feel that you are too old to dream and never get yourself in the position of regretting in following your dreams.  Do not let anyone limit you in thinking what is possible.  We must create the road that was not traveled and make time to pursue your dream.  African Americans must honor the life and the legacy of our generations and like them start walking along our path to do great extraordinary things!


Next week, I will talk about part 2 of my adventure at the Dream Project Conference.  Make your dream a reality today!