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FNCE 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia


It is that time again with FNCE 2014 (Food Nutrition Conference and Expo) from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.  Since this year it is in Atlanta, Georgia, I knew that I needed to come to this incredible conference!  Being a Secretary of NOBIDAN (National Organization of Blacks in Dietetics and Nutrition) – website- www.nobidan.org which is part of the Member Interest Group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND.  I had the chance to participated in alot of events that were associated with NOBIDAN.  This year was a historical year because the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has appointed their first African American President-Elect!  Dr. Evelyn Crayton, Ed, RD, LD, FAND who is also a NOBIDAN member was elected this past February 2014 and will start her term on June 1st, 2015.  I had a chance to speak with her and it was such a honor to meet with her!


This year FNCE there were so many things going on and the speakers were excellent!  One of the speakers that I had enjoyed was Adam Keek who is a Olympic Rower and he explains about using the art of rowing with high performance.  One of the things that he explained about is his disciplines of leadership is to stay focused.  It is not easy to stay focus on a goal let alone training for the Olympics.  He explained how he was able to focus by using the Breakthrough Theory.  For the first 4-5 years you maybe in limbo but with effort time you realize that you need a break through and pretty soon what was hard to do becomes familiar.


Another thing that Adam discussed about is Eat Well = Be Well.  When you eat well then this will result in your body, mind and spirit in becoming a healthy.  Like the old saying goes “You are what you eat!”


The last thing that was important to me from what Adam said on the Disciplines for Leadership is finding a mentor.  That is so important to find someone who has


I really appreciate Mr. Adam Keek speech particularly him closing out this incredible and exciting conference!  His message came at the right time!


Next year FNCE is going to be at Nashville, TN and I can not wait what is going to happen there!  Hope to see you there!



Chicago! Chicago! Indeed it is a wonderful town! – ADA Headquarters

I must say that Chicago is a very cold but exciting town.  As Diversity Leader of the American Dietetic Association, I had the privilege of going to the Diversity Committee Annual Meeting and having the chance to tour the exciting ADA Headquarters.  Begin a Dietitian for so many years this was a great opportunity to finally see how the dietetics #1 organization works!   We had the chance to meet with Demteris Brown from Human Resources who explained about the opportunities that are available through ADA and the how ADA is embracing cultural diversity.  Then Mary Ann Taccona from the Education Program discuss about the mentoring opportunities and the new diversity course that will be presented soon.  Beth Labrador from the ADA Foundation explained about the Public Education Programs such as Kids Eat Right Fuel Up to Play 60, assortment of Scholarships and Research Grants.  Doris Costa who is Director of Communication of ADA shows us about the global outreach of social media that ADA has and the duties of the ADA Spokesperson.  She also discuss the about the wonderful magazine ADA Times, the online ADA Weekly and the most incredible resource which is the ADA Evidence Base Library (The RD’s lifeline of scientific based information).  Then Diane Moore of Professional Development discuss about the Leadership Institute which is on its 8th year and Cultural Competence teleseminar which is going to be in June 23rd, 2011.  The Membership Development discussion was with Michelle Jorgenson, Director and Dan Beavers, Membership Representative during our wonderful lunch meal.  They were able to break down the student involvement in ADA and explained the diverse membership that is going to happen in the future of ADA.  Kay Manger from CDR – Commission Dietetic Registration gave us a insight on the amount of Rd’s and DTR’s that are enrolled in CDR and the average entry level RD age is 25 and the average entry level DTR age is 42.  She did discuss the about how CDR works and the 4 key domains that the RD exam is focus on.  Then was Diane Juskelis from Affiliates, Dietetics Practice Groups and Member Interest Groups who discuss about what types of programs and activities that are going on in each group.  The Affiliates otherwise known as district associations provides a variety of grants, leader resource tools and newsletters.  They operates with the board of Directors, work in the legal and financial aspects of ADA and makes efforts of moving their leaders up the system.   The Member Interest Groups (MIG’s) are offering spotlight sessions for the Food Nutrition Conference Expo and have great involvement with the Executive Committees.  The Dietetic Practice groups have been in existence for 34 years.

Then we had the official tour of ADA headquarters and having the chance of meeting the entire behind the scene hard workers.  I was grateful of having a chance to come to ADA and being a part of ADA.

On the last two days in Chicago at the Diversity Committee meeting was the most challenging but informative time.  This was the time where we were able to brainstorm about the 2011 Food Nutrition Conference Expo in San Diego for the Cultural Diversity Symposium.  There was so much interaction and ideas for the Symposium that it was so hard to choose which ones would become the 3 excellent presentations sessions.  I believe that every person who comes to the 2011 Food Nutrition Conference Expo must come and stop by to the Cultural Diversity Symposium.  It is important for every Rd learns about other person’s cultures and beliefs since America are so diverse in so many different ways.  If you are coming you would not be let down.  I have learned so much since being a Diversity Leader and it has made me really appreciate my profession and ADA.

Click here for pictures of American Dietetic Association Headquarters